Did Anything Happen?

Weeks and months just roll off the calendar like nobody’s business. I am increasingly alarmed about how quickly we’re all getting old, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop the relentless march of time.

I can’t believe the last time I wrote was at the beginning of Autumn. We were doing so well with keeping the heating off (including an awful lot of star jumps) but the recent weather has gone so ludicrously cold that it got down to 12 degrees in the hallway. That’s pretty chilly when you’re stepping out of the shower… sadly, we had to relent.

Work is boring. What more can I say? I’m very much stuck in a rut, a rut that will probably go on forever unless I can think of something else to do that will earn me some money. This is the modern economy, sadly. We spend so much of our time working crap jobs, for fake “employers” via sham self-employment, for poor pay, no pension contributions, no National Insurance, and hand shed loads of VAT to the government for the privilege. We keep on the straight and narrow, but I can see how easy it is to be tempted by the cash economy. No wonder government’s hate cash.

Meanwhile, one of my former neighbours, and friend now, has reached the age of 70. She’s away on a cruise at the moment, but when back we have to celebrate it. She’s not ordinarily the type of friend I would pick (in truth, I don’t really do friends) but she has been so helpful and kind, and I have done the decent thing in reciprocating, that we do keep in touch every week or so. And though she’s an out-and-out-Tory (and likely racist), it just goes to show that politics shouldn’t be the schism that increasingly people find it is.

My mum, for example, is mad on left wing politics these days. I mean, just totally mad. I wonder if it will catch up on her.

I haven’t seen my family in ages. This is what it’s like. The time flies, and soon it will be Christmas, when I might just see them. I presume I’ll be going home. I won’t ever see them otherwise.

Me and J plod on. It’s weird to be unofficially official. So many people I am sure they do know, but they just don’t ask the direct question. If they did I don’t think we’d lie. But we don’t flaunt it either. We just get on with it. Life has dealt us the crappy genes that make us attracted to something other than most other people. It really doesn’t matter as we’re massively dull and boring otherwise. Just like most people. It’s life, isn’t it?

But it’s worrying that we’re here, staring another winter and another Christmas down the barrel. It will fly by just like all these other months, and then we’ll be into 2019. This is now the future I used to dream about when sitting in school, 20-25 years ago. And it is really quite rubbish. Phones, the internet, blah. It’s crap, isn’t it? It’s not actually given us any improvements in our quality of life. As I sit here whining into a browser. I’d have just done this on paper instead. Or perhaps not at all.

I must try to write more though. I’m sure stuff must have happened that I’m forgetting. Must try harder. See me.