Moving Forward

Another few weeks zooms by, or dawdles. It depends on how I’m feeling at the time.

This time the news is all positive. But, to be fair, it has been for some time now. The only negative part has been how I am coping with everything that’s going on.

It is hard work. There’s no doubt about it. But now I am, finally, in the office. After so many years of talking about it, talking about what exciting things are to come, talking about the risk of going ahead, it is finally all in place, and now it’s all down to me to make it work.

It’s not easy, and the expense is collosal. Fortunately, I have been able to pay for everything via the new business venture, which is already doing very well.

There are snags, there always are, but we are getting there. My biggest worry at the moment is that the office is very good on space to have meetings, or wait, but not so much on the computer side. The side that I was hoping so much to get in to the office so that I could take it out of my house. Hmm. I may have to think again about that.

The hardest part at the moment is that there is so much to do. So many to do lists have come and gone, and so many worries and pains have been absorbed, along with even more stress than usual. On Wednesday there is an important meeting with a new client… our very first in the new office. The following Tuesday, i.e. a week tomorrow, is a further important meeting that will move the business forward.

Amidst all of this I have to keep my own business running. That is one thing I dearly want to keep doing, especially as I have worked so hard on it, but it will only survive if I can find someone to help me run it.

One set of problems are solved, and they just unveil a dozen more. It’s what I knew would happen, but I have to be happy with my current situation. To get into the new office with pretty much zero risk to myself… anyone else wouldn’t believe the alignment of the stars to get to here.

Of course, I have risked a lot. There is some capital tied up in this… but I will get it back. One way or another I will get it back!