Guildford and Worthing

September was busy. Exceptionally busy. Work, as usual, of course, but we managed to take advantage of the final dying warm days of the year to do a jolly.

On the Saturday we finished on time. Miraculous. It never happens any more. We’ve got into bad habits where we sit around the office after closure, doing more work in the calm and quiet, and then going off to McDonalds for a McFlurry and a Coke, or a coffee in my case. I can drink hot drinks even when the weather’s hot and it doesn’t bother me. Much rather have that than Coke.

Anyway, we headed off for Guildford, because we wanted to walk up the big hill. We started first with our favourite place (Muffin Break) – just because you gotta get your sugar and caffeine in. Then we strolled up, at a gentle pace because J just isn’t cut out for these things, and got to the top to a lovely sight. It was worth the effort.

Back down the other side, walked over to the Cathedral, which itself was impressive. It’s like an Out of Town Cathedral. Very odd. It’s like instead of building a shopping centre on the edge of the major ring road they built a Cathedral. Modern, and yet not modern, as it’s still quite a few decades old now.

We then strolled back to the car (parking fee, just £1, bargain) and drove onto our pre-ultimate destination: a Travelodge in Redhill. We spent the night there (forgetting the toothpaste, of course, resulting in a mad dash to a garage at 10:30pm to get some). Nothing really to say about it as it was dark and it looked a bit urban for me…

Next morning we were up reasonably early (seeing the trains from the ‘lodge window) and drove to our Ultimate destination: Worthing. Somewhere we’d never been too before, but because of the distance it was somewhere we’d never get to unless we did an overnight stop. We had a really great day, walking up and down the promenade, going onto the Pier, watching the big wheel, laughing at the seagulls eating whatever it was, even if it wasn’t food, because they had to as it’s better to eat it in the event that it is food, because otherwise your rival will eat it…

But best of all the weather was brilliant: perfectly warm, not too strong sunshine, meant with a bit of suncream we could stay out all day. And we did. We had all of our meals outdoors and were very happy about it. Well, maybe eating a large portion of chips to myself was a bit too much, but it saved money on not having to have something on the way back.

We then drove back to our base… listening to the usual podcast we seem to like at the moment.

It was nice because we’d never normally do something like that. It brought a bit of adventure back, something that’s been sadly lacking all year.