Fair To Middlin’

This morning it dawned upon me that I haven’t written anything in here for a long time.

That’s very annoying, and I have suitably admonished myself for being so forgetful. After all, how can I hope to look back on this with wonder in the years gone by if there’s actually nothing here to wonder about?

But maybe it’s a good sign. I’ve been busy doing one thing or another in these past few weeks. All good stuff, some of which earning money for me, others helping to earn money, and others just helping me get by.

Since I returned here in January it would be wrong to say the work has been ceaseless, but my efforts to keep the work coming almost have been. If I’ve not been doing a job, I’ve been out leafleting. If I’ve not been leafleting, I’ve been travelling. If I’ve not been travelling, I’ve been doing other things here in this house to keep me occupied.

It has all produced plenty of customers, quite a few prospects for the future, and a decent flow of profit to keep all the bills paid and leave a little left over for me.

It’s just the start, and it could so easily be derailed, but I feel a bit more confident about things lately. Customers are generating more customers via recommendation. The various promotional activities are getting semi-decent responses. There is also the prospect of a very useful business relationship with a company in town within the next few weeks. That’s potentially going to be very exciting.

Life in general for me is OK too. I’m getting on a little better with my housemate, but it’s probably helped by the fact that he works every day of the week now. It means we don’t get in each other’s way, and I get more time to do the things I want.

Socially things aren’t great, and I need no reminding of that fact with Valentine’s Day tomorrow. But I keep in touch with my family, I speak to most of my better friends on the internet, and get a chance to meet new people whenever I get a new customer! In the process I’ve even met some of the neighbours, which is something I never thought would actually happen.

The key to my sanity is that as long as a) I don’t have money worries; and b) I’m kept occupied, I will stay OK. Things could be better, and I could have more paying work to do, but they could also be far worse.

But for today, it’s a time to relax. Football on telly. Excellent.