The “Birthday” Month

Ever since I’ve known J, I’ve chosen to celebrate my birthday in November. This creates an oddity of having two birthdays a year. My family and everyone else have theirs in the actual day. Then we have a separate one.

This has caused me a bit of confusion over time, as this year I felt for the first time that I’d like to put it back to normal. J knew my birthday as the November one from the outset. I just wanted to move it, and that was what he knew. But thanks to various family nonsense, it became untentable for me to insist we carry on just celebrating it in November. Obviously, my family only want to celebrate it in July, and I’m not prepared to argue with them. They wouldn’t understand.

It does, however, mean November is a busy month, as it starts with J’s birthday and then moves onto mine. Then there’s the pre-Christmas excitement once it’s all over on the 22nd. Basically, November is a month of buying presents and planning fun things to do for the next month. It works out quite well, as with the addition of Black Friday to the UK calendar, it means there can be some decent bargains to be had. New clothes, going out to nice places, eating out a lot. It’s all good fun.

So although I do feel like it’s a bit weird now to have a fake birthday, and J just ignores the July one, I actually get to enjoy two bits of adulation during the year. Talk about prima donna esque.

I’ve also tried to start a new tradition, as each year before Christmas I try to meet up with my younger sister, who lives about an hour away now, and have a day of socialising. This year we went to an out of town shopping place and thought about Christmas presents, had coffee, wondered around, and then finally went for something to eat in the evening. It’s all relatively easy and doesn’t cost much. J seems to like going along with it too, as he gets on OK with my sister, unlike the rest of my brothers and nephew.

The other great thing is that once all that is over with, it’s really just Christmas around the corner. I know it’s still weeks away, but it will be good fun (as long as everyone is healthy, which isn’t guaranteed after recent years) all being under the same roof. I might even have an alcoholic beverage, which is something I haven’t done all year. Me and alcohol just don’t mix. Never have.

But it’s good to be excited about and look forward to something. It doesn’t happen enough in my life. Christmas generally – at least for now – retains a magic and fun that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I have to keep it going and I look forward to it all year. As much for having a few genuine days off work without people hassling. Well, maybe. Some of our customers are right arseholes.

Anyway, it won’t be long now…