Cathartic Client E-mail #1


Further to our phone call earlier, and having had time to compose my thoughts, I felt I would like to write back with a formal response.

I recognise that no contract has ever been in place between our respective organisations, but I was happy to allow this on the good faith understanding that you have always treated me fairly, and I have done everything I possibly could over the last 9 years to look after you as a client. To dismiss me and my business with no notice shows this was misplaced – a mistake on my part.

As I said on the phone, I reject your premise that we have not been sufficiently attentive. I have always responded immediately to every call I have received, I believe the same is true of J, and I have always done everything in my power to make sure that CLIENT was looked after. I can cite three recent phone calls from CLIENT’S DEPUTY MANAGER and CLIENT’S RECEPTIONIST where problems were investigated and dealt with the same day.

You said that you didn’t feel like you could call any more, but you have never once detailed any concerns about not being able to reach out to us. You have never asked for us to visit more often. How can we possibly have known that you were unhappy if you had not communicated with us? I thought we had a better working relationship than that. I could understand budgetary concerns – it is a very harsh financial climate for education out there – but, again, you didn’t express these either.

I am sorry that after such a long time of looking after your school you felt it necessary to offer us no notice, no warnings and no opportunity to change or improve by any clearly definable standards. IT has become an extremely complicated world, with dozens of moving parts, interconnected and overlapping, making fault finding and resolution a slow and often frustrating process for all concerned. Your repeated explanation that “there are many niggly things” is categorically and comprehensively so vague that it leaves me bewildered as to how I could possibly respond.

You would not, and could not, treat one of your staff in the same way that you have treated me. I would never have expected it from you in any case. Perhaps I misjudged that.

As I said, we were planning on discussing with you towards the summer an amicable hand over. We would always have wanted to give you several months notice not to let you down. I’m sad that the reverse could not have been extended.

A genuinely upsetting and disappointing end to nine years.



You will no doubt not be surprised to learn that the client never responded. I would like to think that that means they thought I had them “bang to rights”. No doubt their holier-than-thou attitude defended them from that.