COVID 19 – The World Changes

These are strange times we live in.

Earlier in the year it was obvious that the situation in China was serious. I hoped that if anyone could lock everyone down and stop the spread it would be them. Tragically, the modern world and its endless flights of fancy meant it wasn’t to be.

On Friday night this wretched government finally threw in the towel and told leisure venues to close. Again, it had been obvious – well, to me anyway – that that would need to happen. The government have been too slow to react. Same with closing the schools.

Then there has been what can only be described as constant carnage in supermarkets. Empty shelves, and no fresh food by the time I visit at the end of the day. Are we supposed to starve? Meanwhile, we let the supermarkets decide who is important, and let them enforce it. Newsflash: we did not elect these people, and we shouldn’t be relying on their calls for people to be more considerate. People are panicking because of lack of leadership, and not knowing what is going to happen. They want reassurance, they want certainty, and they want authority. Endless  begging emails from CEOs asking people to give up their delivery slot and go to the shops themselves won’t work. People need to eat, if they are frail or not. At the same time, those CEOs are laughing all the way to the bank, with intense profiteering operations currently underway (cancelling all long term multi buys? Yes please!)

Meanwhile, it was obvious to anyone with any intelligence that businesses were going to struggle. And struggle is an understatement. Frankly, anyone in retail, leisure and hospitality is about to get, if not already, creamed. There was always going to need to be the need for massive government intervention. But don’t rely on these pillocks to realise it. They only worked for Goldman Sachs.

There is a common thread here. Only a government can provide leadership. Only a government can provide the certainty of clear actions backed by law. This government instead chose to pursue some wild idea of herd immunity, right up to the point they realised it could cause 250,000 deaths.

This shower of awful thinks it knows better, and that the free market will provide. They are pathologically and politically opposed to intervention. It isn’t in their DNA. And we are all paying the price for it. The daft thing is that, apparently, we don’t realise it. We think a daily stream of bullshit, delivered by the prime minister in an unfiltered wave of sloganeering in front of hero worshipping journalists, unquestioning in their loyalty, and then distributed the next day through a gushing media, is a substitute for leadership. Warm words are no substitute for action, and action is severely lacking.

I fear that it will affect my business. It has already made me severely anxious about friends and family, and how our lives have suddenly become much more distant and dull, essential though it is. My free time, which was often spent sipping coffee in various haunts, has been cancelled at a stroke. I knew it was risky going to them, and I spent most of it paranoid about every nearby cough, so perhaps I’m not missing much. Then it was on to shopping, which was a joke, battling fellow worriers for provisions. But we have to get food somehow.

This weekend things seem even worse. There was even less on the shelves. Will we have enough food to go around if it’s all gone by 9am? Seems like I’ll have to start shopping before work in the morning, if I’d like to eat and keep living. Not all of us can do that. When will the government act?

Worrying times. I hope we can get through it quickly with minimal deaths, but the way this government act: too little, too late, I doubt it. What a time for this country to have picked a buffoon and ideological charlatan as its leader.