The New Plan

I’m not quite sure why but for some reason I haven’t yet written about a major thing coming up in life.

Earlier in the year me and J decided to move house. We were really lucky and managed to get something which looks ideal. It looks quiet, private and most of all bigger and more comfortable.

This won’t be without shocks. I’ve lived here for nearly 7 years and having to move will be traumatic in terms of all of the things I have which I’ll need to get rid of and start again. Not to mention expensive.

But I think it will be good for both of us. It will allow us to start together in a new place which we can make our own.

The major drawback is that it is just another rented property. I know we can stay for at least 12 months and hopefully longer, but it is, at last, some form of major commitment between us to take out a joint house. In this day and age anyway.

The experience of trying to find somewhere was in itself painful. There was so much crap on the market, and nothing really of the quality I thought we needed. Estate agents messed us around and let us down so many times that it started to become a joke. Very stressful indeed and not something I want to go through again for a while!

Anyway it’s now just a few days away. Exciting.