Talking About Nothing

In the coming months, a lot of things will need to be settled.

Right now, all is progressing very well. I have problems, of course I do, but mostly they’re business ones caused by the quirky and irritating nature of computers. The worst faults, as anyone in IT knows, are the intermittent ones that can come and go with no adequate explanation. They lead to a bout of headscratching, and then all of a sudden a new problem emerges elsewhere, and you forget about it.

It sounds like a metaphor for life in general. Some problems crop up, and demand masses of your time thinking of ways to get around them. But sometimes, the answer is not to go around, but to go through. Live with the consequences, and just get on with it; as in good time, your attentions will soon be drawn elsewhere.

It happens with me on a regular basis these days. My “problem” to a certain extent is that I am working quite hard these days. At times, when the workload gets me down, I worry and think I can’t go on like this. I have to find some solution to it, either by trying to find someone to help me, or do something about my pitiful inability to drive a car.

But then I work through it. The answer never comes, but I just do all the work I have anyway. After all, I can’t afford to refuse work. I just have to do it.

And then I emerge from the other side. Less inundated, less stressed, and in a financially better situation. Until I then start worrying that I don’t have enough work, and it’s just as well I don’t have someone else working for me.

It’s a perpetual cycle that, these days, I’m more than used to.

Like today. In theory, I have no work today. I have a few things I can do: some laptops to break up and sell on eBay, for instance. But I can do that anytime. If the quietness continues, then maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. But it most probably won’t. It seems presumptuous of me, but I am now in a reasonable position where I can simply expect the phone to ring without me doing all that much to encourage it, with leafleting and adverts, etc. It’s a nice position to be in, and, naturally, one that can lead to a little complacency.

But it’s good. It shows what I’m doing is valued. It shows I have lots of good and loyal customers, and that I’m doing such a good job that people recommend me to others. I am very pleased with that.

Like I said though, in the coming months, I have a lot of life decisions to make. I had intended to write about them, but they depress me so much that, after already writing nearly 500 words without going anywhere near them, I guess my subconscious is telling me something.

Maybe next time. If I remember.