It is 2020. I am Matt. I am 35 years old. I’m from the North of England but I don’t live there any more. Some people say they can still hear it. I aim to please.

This is my blog, which I have been keeping more or less non-stop since December 2004, when blogging was “cool”.

It has no audience, and I don’t care. It is a journal for me to scrawl down my thoughts. I am writing for me.

Yet, at the same time, by writing it in public, I force myself to keep it up to date and organise my thoughts in a vaguely coherent fashion. And I don’t generally bash out a post every five minutes. That allows me to reflect a little more on my experiences.

It’s just about my life and my observations on it.

Move along, nothing to see here.

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  1. what an accomplishment – blogging for 10+ years. My “real life” blog is almost as old, but the one I’m writing from now is a mere infant in comparison. Thanks for the follow!

  1. Hoping The Phone Doesn’t Ring « A Grown Up Now. In Theory.

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