Marching On

I am cheating here. I know I thought about posting many times during the month and didn’t. Now I’m going back in time a couple of days and posting in there…

There has been good reason though. I can genuinely say it must have been the busiest month of my life. I’ve never worked so hard for so long without a break, on all fronts of life.

Work is busy on both sides. My business is very busy and the other business that I’m a director of is also massively busy. This creates a tension as there are only so many hours in the day.

It also creates a tension as I have been essentially bankrolling the other business from my personal business since December. It was always with a hope that a day would come when I would get it all back, but in recent months, as my directors loan grew larger and larger, I was starting to really worry.

I am pleased to report that on Friday we received our largest ever remittance. I’ve never seen the like… Over 25k in one go. Happily, this was enough to make a dent in the company’s debt to me. And there is a similar amount still to come.

It’s a partial relief. We need another three months of this to turn the corner. So far we have it, but my business partner is again wanting us to spend money. He is right, as we must continue to build our infrastructure but it pains me that I’m getting nothing out of my business loans. Not yet anyway.

Meanwhile my personal life is approximately 0%. In the last few weeks I have been getting up early, getting complicated stuff done in the peace and quiet, then spending all day in the office, then going home to do even more work in the quiet of the evening. That is not a life.

The only good thing I did do was last Saturday night when I helped a friend put on a concert. This was great as I always enjoy helping out behind the scenes at events. I wish I had time to do more things like that. The concert itself was a triumph, and behind the scenes we did well. I’m forever impressed by people younger than me with their technical ability. Much respect to the couple of teenagers who did 75% of the setup for the staging, lighting and sound.

I’m sure I have more grey hairs now than ever before. My mum says I need to get married before it’s too late. Frankly, and this is quite sad, I don’t even have the time. Bizarrely for others, it just doesn’t actually bother me…