Not As Easy As It Seemed

In my last post I hoped that I might achieve a flash of inspiration and think of lots of amazing adventures to happen.

The good news is that the weather did improve. From early June and its unseasonable cold, requiring the heating to be switched on, it has picked up to being generally consistently warm. This alone cheered me up. I could finally wear some of the new t shirts that have been sitting in my cupboard for six to eight months. Maybe more. I’m sure there were some I never got to wear last summer.

But weather only gets you so far. You still have to have ideas. And my ideas have worn thin. After going to Portsmouth again, and not really thinking all the travel was worth it, we fell into the same trap by going to Lyndhurst and Lymington. Again. While these are nice places, they don’t really stand up to repeated visits. After arrival, I felt the inevitably of the walk from the High Street to Lymington Pier train station, and back again. Ending with ice cream and maybe a coffee. There’s only so many times you can go to these places. The ponies of the new forest are interesting, but not repeatedly.

So the last few weekends we’ve done nothing, having had no ideas and nothing better to do. There are chores to be done, and J is the master of starting things and never finishing them. The garden has a great hole from digging out crap. It has remained the same for weeks. Last week we did nothing about it either, though to be fair we were both distracted by the amazing World Cup cricket final…

But we have to do these chores. I don’t want to do them as much as anyone. But if we can’t sit down and plan an adventure to somewhere different, which requires thinking about it at least the previous day, then getting up early, getting ready quickly and leaving, we will otherwise sit around and hours pass in the blink of an eye. It’s happened already today. I’ve been awake for 4 hours, and I’ve done nothing. J thinks we can do stuff spontaneously, but it just doesn’t happen. Everything takes too long. It’s been two hours since breakfast and I haven’t moved since then. It’s horrible how life feels so mundane that I don’t even want to do anything at all.

Maybe it will teach him a lesson. I’ve been saying so for ages. We have to plan ahead. We don’t talk about it. So nothing happens. I’m spotting a pattern here.

Meanwhile we have nonsenses like yesterday where I got my head bitten off for saying I don’t understand how he does the accounts for our business. I was just trying to see what he’s doing, but maybe I asked it too confrontationally. Either way he was very snippy about it, so I just thought “fine, I’m not going to talk to you” and instead I will spend a couple of hours cleaning the office. That wasn’t planned, but at least I felt like I’d achieved good stuff from it.

So here I am moaning about everything as usual. J spends forever getting ready, I can’t even brush my teeth as the bathroom is in use, so yet more time just goes up in smoke.

And then I’ll be straight back to work tomorrow as if the whole thing didn’t happen.

Sometimes weekends are more hassle than they’re worth.