It’s A Family Affair, Summarised

It’s been ages since I wrote anything, which is terribly bad of me. I should try and catch up.

Since the last post the world has turned nearly 30 times. Today, in fact, is my brother’s birthday. 17 today. The brother that I’ve got ever more distant from as we’ve aged. Now he’s in college I don’t really recognise him any more. He’s angry, he’s arrogant and pretty rude. He’s got into the gym mentality, and this has brought out a rather ruthless streak of vanity in him. Other people may want to gaze at his muscles, but in the house, casually wandering around with only boxer shorts on in the afternoon is not what any of us want to see.

I would never have done that, and neither would my other brother. We had more respect for the other members of the household. We certainly wouldn’t ever have swore at my mum and dad, or got nasty with them, or talked in such foul and disrespectful language in front of them, as he does. The other day he walked through the house singing a song which had some shocking lyrics about wanting to rape someone. I’m no prude, but really I had to draw the line at the casual use of such words as if by singing them it was somehow OK. Such is society these days. And I say that as a genuine liberal.

Meanwhile, my other brother has returned from Australia. It’s good to see him again, but I worry what’s next for him. He has no idea. I wish I could offer him a job, but he’s too far away. He could move down here, but then he’d have to be motivated enough to want to help me. I don’t think he is. Who knows.

Then there’s the situation here. My housemate has a new job starting soon, and it could put the kibosh on his contribution to business. In fact, I’m sure it will. I secretly hope for that, as it will force the issue and get me to decide what I want to do. Do I try and go on my own, despite the obvious logistical challenge of having no transport, and no sign anywhere soon of being able to drive?

Last week was also my dad’s 50th birthday. I can’t believe that. I remember when he was 30, in 1991. I’m lucky in a way to have known my dad for 25 years. It made him exactly double my age, a fact that must only ever happen once in our lives. I was home last week for a very great party: it served as a double celebration for my dad and my brother’s homecoming. We sang songs (played by me on guitar no less) and had a good time. Always good to see other family members.

Mum is doing well, especially since the threat of redundancy lifted for another year. It’s a terrible life now in the public sector, constantly fearing for your job. And she works in a school. I worry for her future, as she’s learned the love the freedom having her own income brings. If she gets made redundant next year, at the age of 49, I don’t think she’d ever work again. That will change the whole family dynamic.

She does, however, have a habit of making silly pledges. Like the other day, when she promised my sister and brother-in-law that they’d give her £10k for a new house. Disastrous. My sister will never forget that. That’s problem 1. Problem 2 is that it sets a bad precedent. And problem 3 is the obvious one: they don’t actually have 10k. Stupid bastards.

Then there’s my youngest sister. She’s doing well, working hard through exams and trying to battle being a teenage girl. There’s the inevitable boyfriend, who is a man-mountain a year older than her, and a complete dork. Having talked to him last week at the party, to me, he also sounds like he might be gay. Bizarrely camp and effeminate. Nothing wrong with that, but there is if he’s using her to stop other people talking! Who knows. But I reckon she’s too young for all that anyway. Still, what do I know.

As for my life: busy, not busy, interesting, dull. A fair summary of the rollercoaster.

Until next month, probably.