The BobBQ

The end of May always brings an invitation to an annual event. A client of mine has been seen so often that they have become a friend in some respects.

It’s the annual birthday barbecue which is usually somewhat painful as most of the other people there are completely not the type of people I like to hang around with.

However things have changed a little. Bob is not as healthy as he once was and it is now a little sad that if he continues down his current path he will end up being dead. So every year feels like the last.

I had to introduce Bob to my other half last year. It wasn’t exactly easy as he’s not really his type either. But I couldn’t exactly ignore Bob forever now so we’ve had to both almost become friends with him. Which has been happily a lot easier than I thought it would be. SO gets on with him and his strange family combo of ancient dad and foreign estranged wife who still looks after him.

Anyway this year’s Bob BQ went well. SO driving meant we could arrive and leave at our leisure. It was also on a closed Saturday, which is our cool new invention for our bank holiday weekends. It just makes them a bit longer and more fun. A few Saturdays closed a year isn’t going to kill our business…

We don’t have much else planned for the weekend but perhaps that’s a good thing for now. We need a rest as our business is so all encompassing that it’s just killer at times. And the thought of never having s proper holiday is just too much. I try not to think about it but it’s generally not good.

Oh well. Here’s to at least the bank holidays. An even lazier Sunday than ever…