The Dismissal

It’s been a long time since I wrote. I think I should stop writing that, because I tend to write it at the top of most posts these days.

Again, there is good reason. In reality, the story is long and tedious. In fact, it’s also incredibly stressful, and I’m certain that reliving it will not be good for me.

The upshot of the tale is that I have ended up the owner of a car. A car I do not want and must get rid of as soon as possible. The reason being that, the car that I bought for our new employee, is no longer needed, since our new employee is now our new ex-employee.

It was always going to be difficult. But, in the end, the guy made it phenomenally easy. What with the discovery of low-level drug pushing, rampant alcoholism and an incident of drink-driving, discovered after the fact. Fortunately, we were able to push him out the door by his incessant incompetence, and inability to learn.

The tragic part of it all is that I’ve risked a lot of money on this bet, and it’s failed. OK – the company is still profitable, but it has had a severe setback over the last few months; a massive waste of money that I may never get back, or possibly may not for over a year. That’s not good, when I’m desperate to buy a house of my own before the stupid property market overheats again. Thanks, George Osborne.

I spent weeks researching the best, legal ways to get rid of the employee. I spent hours and hours of my time worrying and thinking about what it was that we could do to extract ourselves from the situation, made worse by the fact that the employee had confessed his alcoholism, and hoped we could stick by him.

What grates most is that the employee was using this just to screw us over. Tugging at my emotional heartstrings, and causing us massive losses at the same time. We wanted to get rid, but at the same time, on a personal level, we really worried about what it would do to him. We didn’t want to be responsible for pushing him over the edge.

When the day itself came, however, upon the reading of the Texts and the investigations that followed, it became clear that we had made the right decision. And, I just wished we had done so much sooner. It’s hard to believe someone could behave in such an appalling way, but there it was, right in front of me.

The whole thing has been a massive distraction. But we are rid of him now. We now have “his” car back, which was, basically, bought with my money. It must be sold this weekend, or else it will start to lose value, and people won’t want to buy on top of Christmas either.

The saddest thing about this post is that I have written it all, totally wrapped up in my life, and not once has it occurred to me that I should mention one of the more important things in my life, my Grandad’s death and subsequent funeral. I am a selfish bastard.

Maybe I’ll try and write about that soon. It would be good to do so.