The Busy Start To The Year

It’s not unusual, in this phase of my life, for the above statement to be true, but it seems to be more so each year.

This year has started quite different though. There is something lurking in the background which could promise to be a life-changing event. If we get it right.

We are currently looking to see if we can raise significant sums of money to start up a new business. It is all a little secretive at this stage, even though no one reads these posts, but it is just sensible for me to play my cards close to my chest. We are really excited about how it might all happen, and, if it is successful, it will replace almost everything I am currently doing for the next five years.

But, once again, none of these things happen easily. There is risk, lots of it. I’m very excited about it though, possibly the only thing in my life to have really generated something that could take me into the stage of being comfortable about life. There’s lots of work to do, but I think I have the right attributes, and I have a few people around who are going to support me taking it forward.

And all of this while trying to enact a new year’s resolution which wasn’t actually a new year’s resolution. It just became one when I got back home, back down South. I decided to try as hard as I possibly could to not take work home with me. I’ve added a new distraction to try and help enact this, partially related to trying to create some sort of social life for me. A social life that travels via apps on a smartphone. Wow. I really worked hard on that one. Yet more screen staring. I do that all day in work, and I do it for the rest of the day, morning and evening, at home. Meh.

So it’s been a bit different and a bit exciting.

Meanwhile, the main thrust of my work continues unabated, driving me insane and slowly thinking about shutting the whole thing down. If I was confident about the income from the other business, I would do it. But at the moment it has huge amounts of costs and an uncertain cash flow position for the next month, which is pretty stressful. It always seems to be that way. Everyone else makes off with the money whilst I refuse it so the business can survive. I took no dividends in December so that everyone else could get paid, including my business partner. Not much of a partner. Hmm. Why am I doing this again?

That’s right – because I keep thinking there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Maybe there is. But it’s almost the last throw of the dice now on this big venture idea. I hope I’m right… because if I’m not I’m going to be pretty screwed.

It seems like I’ve been back here for months, but in reality it’s 11 complete days. It’s been a whirlwind as usual.

Christmas now seems a distant memory.

171 days until 30


This might be the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever written.

It seems that everyone has smart phones these days. For years I have resisted as long as possible but now I have relented.

It was, to be fair, a matter of time. I had been toying with the idea for months, and then it continued to gnaw on me that someone who claims to be running an IT business as a profession probably should have at least some modern technology with him…

For a little while I thought about an iPhone, but Apple have always irritated me. The phones are especially fun to use, but, at the end of the day, the marketing operation worked. It explicitly told me that I am not an Apple person, and I don’t think I would ever want to be.

Marketing is entirely in the head, and allowing it to rule our lives is the main reason why the planet is going to hell, but, ultimately, I cannot resist it. I try, but I don’t have the power.

My branding brain assured me that I’m not a Mac fanboi. So what were the alternatives? Blackberry, Windows and Android.

Unfortunately, Blackberry’s business branding was nice, 10 years ago, but now Blackberry has two associations: decline, and yoof+BBM. Neither of these are what I want to be connected to. Out it went.

Windows phone. Nokia. It was extremely tempting. I have been using a trusty Nokia for the past 2.5 years. It served me well, and did everything I want. I also liked the idea of being different. I always have. I wanted to go with something no one else had. And, to be fair, the new Lumia phones look awesome.

But then my functional brain kicked in – you know, the bit that I really should have been listening to all along. The Nokia phones were surprisingly expensive. And, for various financial reasons, my decision was that I had to be able to buy the phone unlocked.

Enter the Google Nexus 4. Unlocked at £239. Running the latest Android, and getting rave reviews left, right and centre. It had to be.

It has now been in my possession for a week, and it hasn’t disappointed. It has come in useful in a number of show off situations, and I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do app-wise. For, again, the main reason why I decided for Android over Windows was the app ecosystem is so much larger.

Sadly though, the ultimate irony is that I started writing this post on my phone, on the bus home today. I managed one line before the clunky web WordPress interface made me give up in frustration. Sometimes you can’t beat a good old fashioned full size keyboard. I haven’t quite got the hang of two thumb typing yet anyway…

You never stop learning with technology.