Getting Closer

This past week has made a big difference to life in the new home.

On Tuesday, after much distress, we finally got the phone line and broadband installed. That makes things so much easier. No more trips to the library, suffering terrible computers and watching the clock count down till it threw me off.

But yesterday, something just as good as that occured.

We got a shower installed. A proper shower, with real water pressure.

And it works so good. Even better than the one at my Northern home.

I’ve been desperate for the new shower to appear, largely because I’ve been having to have baths, which I hate because of the huge amount of time they take in comparison to a shower.

But something the other day made it worse. I was leaning forward to wash my hair – as you do when you don’t have any form of object to get the water from the bath up to your head – threw the water around, then opened my eyes to a rather unusual amount of red in the water.

I was, quite literally, having a bloodbath.

My nose is quite feeble even at the best of times. There’s obviously a dodgy artery up there. But leaning forward clearly provoked it and the consequences were not pretty.

At least there won’t be any more of that.

And even better, now that I’ve got a real shower, I’ve been able to cut my hair. Yes, I’m still cutting my own hair. It’s the only way to save money. Those clippers I bought five years ago have proved to be a wise investmenet. Plus, I always feel like I give myself a better haircut than the barber ever did. That’s quite something when you consider that cutting my own hair involves razors, the bathroom mirror and another handheld one.

In sum though, all of this has made me feel a lot better. My new life is still very much moving slowly into existence, with no progress on the business yet, but I have a feeling it won’t be long now. I’ve got a lot of ideas ready to deploy once my new printer arrives – which should be today.

Only one problem… I’m going back home again tomorrow. The nightmare five hour train journey awaits, with four changes. So the business is going to have to be delayed again. I was originally getting a lift home with my housemate tonight, but he’s now decided he doesn’t need to travel North. Fortunately, there were still cheap tickets available, so it’s not hurt me too much.

Anyway, life goes on. And at least I now have things to do to while away these tedious work-free days…


There is a feeling of entering unchartered territory at the moment. It’s also a feeling that’s filling me with dread.

This is the moment. February has arrived, and in this month I have paid to run a series of classified ads in local papers. If they are noticed and people give my business a try, I will be on the way. If they don’t… well, all is not yet lost, but it wouldn’t be a very good sign. Oh no.

So it is in this month that I feel like I will discover my fate, whether I’m chasing shadows with this business venture or if I might just possibly be onto something. As is normal with anything to do with me, I am expecting the former but hoping for the latter. It just seems to be too much to hope that there’s going to be sufficient business near me that I will be able to get access to. Though there is always the opportunity to diversify and offer more services to increase the potential customer base, there would come a moment where I would feel like I’m fighting a losing battle…

The state of newness has also come with other attachments. Earlier in the week, the workmen finished our new bathroom, which was a snip at a mere £4,100, money that I’ve loaned to my parents for them to pay me back over several years. A good investment, for me, as it keeps them off my back – a very useful bargaining tool! But it’s so much better than what we used to have. For a start, we actually have a real shower. That’s a wonderful advance, as I absolutely hate getting a bath. It’s just too slow, and in here we don’t have a big enough hot water tank to get a decent bath out of it. But in general it looks so much better anyway. That’s real progress, at long last. We’ve only been living here for 12.5 years…

The other new thing has been the computer that I’m typing this post on. I now have a brand new laptop. It’s nothing special, cost me £320, but it does exactly what I want, which is to go on the internet. No need for snazzy specs when all you do is surf the net every now and then. It will also, hopefully, have a dual purpose when I take it with me when going to look at someone else’s computer. I figured it would make sense to be able to have a working PC to help diagnose what’s wrong with a broken one. The wonders of Google, you see. So that’s very good. Apart from the fact that I accidentally left it on charge overnight, which is certain to damage the battery, something laptops are particularly prone to suffer from…

And there was one more new thing… my rather impressive business cards turned up. They told me it would take 21 days. In fact it took 10, making me very glad I didn’t pay any more for their “quicker” services. I can’t wait to start giving them out to customers and trying to spread the word. It’s exciting, but the challenges ahead are daunting.

There could be another new thing today which might just make me feel a whole lot better. Yes, it would be a novel situation if my football team actually won a game today. Not gonna happen though, sadly. Oh well…