The Drawing Board Is Bored

Over the past few days, I have sunk a little further into depression at the situation I’m in, but I’m still trying out options to change it.

For instance, I decided to finally get off my backside and register as a referee again. So, with a bit of luck, I will soon be back to doing a game a week, and though it only provides a small financial infusion, it is better than nothing. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I just hope I don’t get injured again.

Meanwhile, I found it in me to put in a couple more job applications. This time I feel a little more positive about the whole thing. I’ve found a job, a six month temporary contract, that could be ideal for me. It would buy me some time to think things over, and provide me with cash at the same time. And it would make sure my current employment gap doesn’t become embarassingly long, making it even more difficult to get a job.

This whole situation has come about for a number of reasons, but chief amongst them right now is a broken promise from a friend who pretty much guaranteed me that he would be able to just give me a job. One of his staff left a couple of weeks ago, and he found out about it a month ago. He said he would be able to get me her job once she left. It didn’t happen. He’d already broken a promise to find me work earlier in the year. Now, maybe it’s just the downturn in the economy making his business not want to give out employment right now – that would stand to reason by the sheer lack of jobs available at the moment – but whatever, I’ve been hanging around, waiting for something that was never going to appear.

Fortunately, the Sunday morning football, around again today, is going to provide me with enough distraction to give me something to do. Plus with the training on Wednesday night that I go to and help out, there’s always something a few days away to look forward to. A shame there’s no money in this. I love it so much that I have now broadened my job hunting search to look for anything football related. Oh, how I’d love to be the Company Secretary of a Premier League club…

I’m also getting more and more involved in a project that is exploring the possibility to make a new football club from scratch. That would be good. And in time, it might even pay me if I’m good at it. I think I am, I just need someone to give me a chance.

But to do the things I want, like making a new club, I neeeeed money. Refereeing and it’s attendant £20 a week is, sadly, not going to do it for me.

And neither is my continual stream of thoughts relating to ideas I’ve got. Much as they’re interesting, in the business jargon, they’re “loss leaders”. That is, they will never make me money. Starting a computer fixing business is an absolute non starter – the market is saturated already. All they’re good for is taking the odd £20 off a distant family member for fixing their PC, riddled with viruses and spyware.

Right now, the drawing board is sick of the sight of me.

The Thrashing

And so the football season resumes. No, not the football everyone knows about, but real football.

I am, of course, talking about my football team. The one that I help run. It was supposed to kick off last week, but the terrible weather meant a week’s delay. No matter, because yesterday it was actually decent conditions to play in, if a little foggy.

We did, naturally, get beat. To most football supporters, a scoreline of 5-0 would be construed as a thrashing. Not to us. That is a reasonably respectable result. In grassroots football, the tempo is so furious at times that you can just concede goal after goal extremely easily. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. I like making excuses.

But no matter it’s still great fun. Yes, the players get a bit demoralised, but we have come to expect it now that keeping the scoreline respectable is counted as a good result. Who cares about league tables, we say on a regular basis.

The annoying thing is that we’re so close to actually being an OK side. For times of the game yesterday, we looked decent. It was going to be just 2-0 at half time, until a frantic two minutes before half time led to two more goals going in. 2-0 would have been manageable, and frustrating for the opposition, but 4-0 is disappointing.

Then in the second half we played a full thirty minutes without conceding again. We had chances to score, many of them, but wasted each one. Only in the last minute did we concede. Football is brutal if you switch off for just a second. It requires immense concentration. Any lapse and you’re doomed. That is something I really didn’t understand till I started watching football at this level. It’s really helped me appreciate the game more, and how intricate it really is.

But it is more than that. The fact that I’m now back in my Sunday morning routines means that’s it’s like the return of an old friend. We’ve spent all summer not knowing what to do with our Sundays. In fact, I spent most of them baking Irish soda bread just to pass the time.

It’s nice to feel a sense of belonging. There’s so much stuff I do for this team but it goes unnoticed. I don’t mind much, as it gives me something to do. And even more so these days while I’m unemployed.

It’s also made me think about getting back into refereeing. But I’m just not fit enough. I need to be able to keep running around for 90 minutes. That’s not easy for someone who is not used to do that much exercise. It would also provide me with much needed cash at these desperate times.

But now reality must resume. Ironing, shaving, shower… boring. I wish I could just do all that when I first get up in the morning, but I can’t, because we have one bathroom, and if I were to do that I would cause a riot, as it would hog the bathroom at the moment everyone else in the house needs it. Instead, I have to wait for everyone to leave.

And that’s now happened. Off we go…