A New Addition

Last Wednesday night, my family welcomed a new addition, and I became an uncle, again.

Little Nathan was born a little early, but not too much so that it matters. He was a healthy weight, and has a full head of hair. That’s quite typical of our family, and our rather unruly hair genes.

I had predicted all along that it would be a boy. I don’t know why. It just seemed that way. Turns out I got a 50/50 punt right. But what’s also amusing is that I picked the name Nathan if it was a boy some months ago. It stuck, we all liked it, and when I heard the news it was with some excitement.

News first broke earlier on the Wednesday, when my elder sister was getting ready for the labour after her waters broke. The day went by slowly. I was in London, eager to hear some news, but nothing came. I had some meetings, none of which turned out to be of any consequence, but the day dragged on.

It was about 11:00pm when I thought it was getting a bit silly, so I text my mum for info. It was then I discovered that they had finally gone the hospital and the new baby would be with us in the next hour. Bear in mind that I’m about 200 miles away from where all the action was going on. It was slightly sad to say the least. I asked them to keep me informed!

The good news then came half an hour later. All successful. All well. And a name. I was so tired I couldn’t stay up longer, but I had a bad night’s sleep. I had horrible dreams about it. I felt like something bad was going to happen. I really don’t know why.

Early in the morning I couldn’t bear it. I thought I would have received a text with some news, but nothing. So I text again, and a reply came back quickly. All was well. The mind really is cruel sometimes.

Fortunately, I was going home on the Friday for a few days. I really couldn’t wait. I was so excited to see him. I’m already an uncle, but I am hoping to make a better job of it this time, although I do wonder how much I will see this particular nephew due to how much I’m away, and the fact that my sister now has a much more settled life.

When I arrived it was everything I’d hoped. He is perfect. He is small and very cute. As always, the fingernails, toes and ears fascinate due to their tiny sizes. His eyes are lovely and his hair is amusing.  There’s enough there for it to be spiked up, which his brother likes to do for comedy purposes.

I held him for a bit, and he didn’t cry once. Babies do tend to sleep a lot, but it was OK. Gave my poor sister a rest!

The weekend then flew by. It was good to help out, welcome him to the family, and make sure my sister was OK. She’s done so well. I know it’s her second, but you never quite expect what’s to come. My brother-in-law also seems to be ready for the challenge. He’s usually quite well prepared on all these things and this was no exception.

I left today, and unfortunately the nature of how I left meant that I didn’t actually get to see him before I went. I feel a bit upset now. These moments are only here once, and in two weeks time I’m certain he’ll look totally different. Babies grow so fast anyway, but a lot happens in two weeks.

But no matter what I’m absolutely thrilled by his arrival, and I look forward to – hopefully – being another good role model to someone else! Hopefully lots of fun times ahead too.

Here’s to you, Nathan.