And The Earth Did Move

It would be remiss of me not to make a post marking the Great British Earthquake. And it was such a British event. A jolt and then a mild shake, admittedly bigger than any in Britain for some year, but still, nothing significant really. Yet it dominated the national news all day, and was the topic of conversation for all of us.

Amazingly, some of my housemates managed to sleep through it. But then, most of them would sleep through the Second Coming. I was woken up by the bang, which signified the arrival of the “P waves“. That was a little surprising… it could have been anything. I’ve been woken up by loud bangs in the middle of the night before; one time was the explosion of a chippy a few miles away. So at first I didn’t have a clue what it was. Then a few seconds later my bed began to shake, as did the things on the shelves in my room. Nothing too exciting though. A gentle rocking is all I would describe it as. It lasted about 10 seconds.

When it finished I couldn’t get back to sleep. I wasn’t entirely convinced about what I’d just experienced. Having never been through an earthquake before I wasn’t 100% that that was what had just happened. I wanted to turn on my computer to find out what it was, but I thought better of it. It wasn’t that spectacular.

I managed to get back to sleep, where my brain went into overdrive. I spent most of the night dreaming about what the possible explanation for the events were. My brain’s best theory was that an enormous sheet of ice in the North Pole had just broken into three different parts. The sound of the snapping caused the whole world to vibrate.

I woke up from that dream at about 7am, and minutes later I got a text from my mum asking me if I’d been heard the quake. It was a bit surreal. I thought it was an earthquake, but it wasn’t only until I read this text that I could be certain about it. Everything in my brain had been confused by this extremely convincing (though ridiculous) dream I’d had.

It was then the talk of the day. Me and my housemates spent all morning talking about it, which is when I discovered that only one other of them had been awake for the activities. I’m sure lots of other people slept through it too. I suppose they didn’t miss much in truth, but still – one to tell the grandchildren about, I guess.