Tired, Tired, Tired

Why do we like to write things in threes? I don’t understand.

But I am more than just tired. At the moment I don’t seem to be able to get enough sleep. No matter how much I think I am going to bed early enough and getting the sleep I need I just seem tired and weak all the time.

I know it’s all my doing. I know I am having to work too hard, but needs must at the moment. However, this was first time I had some evidence that maybe it’s doing me some damage.

My diet has been worse than usual of late. I have a very poor relationship with food anyway… nothing really gets me excited or interested. I sometimes don’t bother with the final meal of the day, and even when I do it can be utter rubbish: pure stodge and carbohydrates.

I give blood on a regular basis. It didn’t happen last time due to catching a cold the day before… but on Monday the circus/bloodmobile rolled back into town again and I was fighting fit.

Or so I thought. Turns out that I was only just on the right side of the iron threshold. For the first time ever (I’ve now given blood 26 times) I was nearly rejected because of not having enough iron in my bloodstream.

It made me worry a bit about my diet. Properly this time. I just don’t look after myself. I don’t have the time to cook nice meals from scratch. But even if I did have time, I don’t find cooking interesting in any way. I find it a real chore to have to plan something like that out in advance, ensuring the ingredients are in the cupboards. It’s just not going to happen when my life is as crazy at is. When I finish work most days at 7pm or sometimes worse, I am going to suffer somewhere.

But I’ve always said I’d never let myself suffer from serious sleep deprivation. It seems to be the way of the world these days for people to stay up until midnight and still be up 6-7am for work the next day. Whereas I generally enjoy making sure I get a good 8 hours…

And yet I still feel tired.

I feel tired writing this. This despite the fact that I had enough sleep last night, and still had more sleep on the train as I travelled home (yet again). I am not carrying a massive sleep deficit. I am just exhausted. I must be.

It could all change soon. Today one of my businesses agreed to take on someone to help with our admin burden. The other business is also going to have someone in to help out. I don’t know how it will work out, but if it helps me to finish work and go home at 6 instead of 7 I will think it’s worth it.

But I think I’d still get up at 5am. Still the best time of the day.


The Mother of Invention

… is necessity, so they say, and it seems to be true. Because my necessity at the moment is driven out of extreme boredom. So my brain has actually come up with a few schemes to pass the time.

The first of which is a rather good idea I’ve had relating to the work I do involved in youth football. Not that anyone reads this blog to steal the idea, but I’d still rather keep it under wraps. Suffice it to say that I’ve wasted several of the past few days installing CMS systems on some web space I’ve got to try them out. I think I’ve finally found the one I wanted.

It’s also been a bit of an education. I’m not a good web designer, but I’m pretty decent at HTML/CSS (and standards compliant too, bloody Internet Explorer). I can’t do anything too fancy as I’m not that good, but I’ll give most things a bash. But now I’ve realised that with CMSs, the days of getting too deeply involved in writing HTML markup are almost over. The joy of templates and easy administration systems makes it all a breeze, and you can get on making the site look the way you want, rather than worrying over tiresome HTML/CSS semantics, and wondering why it looks so shit on IE.

Of course, I’m a late arrival to this bandwagon. I’m sure CMS has been going on for a long time, so in that respect it’s good to finally catchup, probably just at the moment the bandwagon is moving on anyway. I’ll bet I’m still out of date. But then I always will be as I just can’t cope with programming like PHP or databases like MySQL.

At the moment though it does feel like time wasting as, for the site to work, I need writers/bloggers. I’m sure they’re out there, and I’ve got some ideas to find them. But even if nothing comes from it, it’s kept me entertained and gave me some new experiences.

The other idea (yes, just two) I’ve had is more financial and is related to a website I read daily. They run an annual competition, and I’m thinking it needs to step up a gear. I’m going to drop the organiser an e-mail and see if he’s considered my idea before. For all I know he has and it’s not practical, but hey, I like sticking my oar in where it’s not wanted on the internet. In Real Life, I doubt I’d be so bold. That’s the joy of having a different “personality” in cyberspace.

I’ve also been getting up half an hour earlier. It seems I have more time to do the things I want during the morning, so it makes more sense to tack it on here rather than at night where I don’t do anything anyway.

Oh, and on Wednesday I finally got round to giving blood. Well, it did help that they just down the road. Eight times now. How… exciting… but it was definitely the easiest donation I’ve ever done. I got there for 2pm and was out by 2:30pm. That’s including the 5-10 minute sit around at the end eating the amazingly good biscuits they have, and always wishing I could buy them in shops but can’t. My three-monthly craving for “Oat Crunch” is now satisfied.

And now, I require food. $DEITY bless whoever invented cereal. They must really have been in a fix.