Busy Day In A Busy Week In A Busy Month

It has genuinely been a little… overwhelming since the turn of the year. I knew we were coming back to lots of work. I didn’t quite expect how much.

I write waiting for a train to leave. A baby train with only 2 carriages. But thankfully it hasn’t started in London so it’s not so full. I’m on my way home, on a journey that started two hours ago which has been elongated due to that usual weekend nonsense, the engineering works. Deep joy.

Today I’ve been installing a new computer at the home of one of our business clients. They are hard work at the best of times, but there is enough value In it to justify the day being ruined on a Saturday. I left the house just after 7am and expect to be back at 9pm. Fortunately the client very kindly paid for an evening meal at a pub, such was their gratefulness at me devoting the whole day to them.

Of course, the day didn’t start so well when I arrived to discover I had left behind a vital item. A one hour delay later, I returned with the necessary USB stick. It went smoothly after then, except for the client not knowing passwords, etc. Then the mass of emails to be sorted. All very dull and predictable. We know in our game that when we think we have finished, that’s the point you add on another 2-3 hours, and sure enough if happened today.

i feel fairly ok though. I think the reason is that getting to this point has been my focus for some time. The past three weeks were already pretty full, and then they got even busier. Thank you Windows 7 and Microsoft for generating lots of extra work! But it has been one scheduled day of madness after another, and when days are already scheduled to be full, that’s when the phone rings and catastrophe is guaranteed. I’ve had a few of those of late, feeling utterly harangued by endless interruptions, double calls, voicemails and call backs. It’s brain spinning, and then you look at the Fitbit, realise it’s nearly lunch time (1pm) and you still haven’t had that wee you were thinking about at 11am, let alone made yourself a coffee. It’s horrible.

So knowing this period of madness is all but over is a great relief. It’s going to be busy next week too, but the major obstacle is over, and that gives my poor brain some feeling that recovery is imminent.

Meanwhile, the train plunders on, cutting through our completely signal-bereft countryside, demonstrating how poor our country’s infrastructure still is, 10 years after I realised this on my first train journeys back and forth between Home and Other Home. We like to think of ourselves as a clever and advanced country. We aren’t. And that will never change while we keep voting for muppets.

But keeping busy stops me from thinking about all that shit. And, just like I always say, I don’t have to like people to take their money from them. In fact, the Torier the better. Tory surcharge? Yes please. They can go and fund my very own private infrastructure projects instead.

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