A Liquidator Calls

It has been an interesting few weeks. Not for my own business. That has been, let me just say, fucking boring. IT is not the place to be right now, though some might say it never has been. Demand is dropping, and the reasons to keep using Windows are now essentially non-existent for all casual computer users. It is merely habit keeping around 80% of home users on laptops and desktops. I digress.

As per the discussion of a few posts ago, I have been patiently sitting on the sidelines wondering when the Liquidator would strike against MABP. It has been deeply frustrating, but we’re now nearly through April. April, I had decided, would be the month I do nothing. I would let the process take its natural course.

The Liquidator thinks I might have been involved. Maybe. It’s not clear. They asked me lots of questions, and I did my best to point the finger of suspicion away. To a disinterested observer, they might conclude that the fact I know everything and MABP knows nothing looks like that I was actually a crafty puppet master, setting up MABP for a fall. The truth is anything but, but you know that, dear Diary. You know of all the shit I’ve put up with for years, for an easy life. And also because I genuinely do feel intimidated. No one understands why, not even J. I’m not sure I do either. I’m just afraid, maybe.

But the Liquidator chose to visit yesterday. I lost my temper, briefly, when I let slip a swear. Not at the Liquidator, but at the process. There I was, trying to orchestrate MABP into a graceful exit, so that I didn’t have bailiffs at the door of our office, and so he could walk away from it all and do something else – and I was sitting there being probed with questions. I’m the one worrying about what’s going to happen and how terrified I am that they will make a finding that I was a “shadow director” and therefore am liable for what happened. I could be held personally liable if that’s true.

I was – however – assured that this won’t happen. I’m being told, off the record, that I have entered the process in good faith and I have co-operated and engaged to make everything simple. I don’t believe anyone any more.

MABP has his own problems. He thinks he can still swan in and engage with me about stuff. I still haven’t found the bottle to challenge this misconception. I tried – vaguely – last week. It didn’t go very far. He could lose his house if things don’t go to plan. I would not enjoy watching that, even though others around me, J included, seem to want it to happen to make him suffer just a little, like I have. I can’t wish that on someone, but at the same time I wish I could make him understand just how upset his inappropriate and lavish behaviour has made me over the years, all the while owing me over £10k. But, as he once said, “I wouldn’t understand” the pressures of being 50 and having children. More likely I do not understand the pressures of mixing with people who earn £80k+ without even trying. And long may that continue.

As you can tell, the whole thing has made me quite bitter. So when I said to the Liquidator that I’d be more than a little cross if the finger of blame got pointed at me, and I had to suffer financially as a result, it genuinely did have truth to it. It just wasn’t very professional. I apologised, at least twice. It made me look stupid. But maybe it made my point better than handing over 30,000 transactions on a Sage journal ever could.

The Liquidator will eventually decide to do something. I’m not quite sure what. I’m just eager to find out. I find myself wishing away this month, in fact this whole year.

It is just 8 months until Christmas.

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