Making A New House A Home

It’s been over a month since we moved into our new house. It has some significant downsides already but one thing I can say it does have is much better privacy…

I’ve always been a fairly private person. I don’t do social media, not really. I like to only share the minimum with my family. Which is stupid at times as occasionally I get annoyed when my mum says something stupid about my life through lack of knowledge…

But the best thing about the new house is just that. Now the house is not really overlooked, has great sound insulation to these neighbour, and is generally out of the way. That’s all been good in making me feel more comfortable. The old house was so exposed, and a couple of neighbours were very nosey.

That has been a good start. But making the place feel more comfortable has been a slow process. Very slow. We still haven’t finished unpacking. There are still items of furniture unbuilt. There remains purchases that are merely aspirational. Until we get the motivation to visit the dreaded IKEA of course.

So I don’t feel like this place is a home yet. It is messy and unordered. It also has other flaws that make it rather disappointing. Who would have thought that I’d pay so much attention to plumbing. But the smell, they really should have paid attention to actual building regs when installing a particular toilet…

But what’s concerning me most of all is that I don’t really feel like making this place much of a home after all. I might as well just accept that this isn’t my home and will never be. I want to be out of it some time towards the end of the tenancy agreement.

I really want me and J to own our own place soon. It just has to be the natural progression of things to make me feel like we’re making some progress in life. Then we really will start to feel settled down.

So homeliness becomes a lesser thought after all. Instead by spring next year it’s back onto Rightmove…

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