Travel Hell

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the annual millions of people trying to be somewhere else. Me included. This post is written on a totally packed Cross Country train. And I’m running five hours late.

Overnight the weather was appalling. Yesterday was pretty rubbish. It had rained heavily an awful lot recently… But last night it was rainy and really windy.

It caused the usual devastation. I had booked my ticket home weeks ago. Last year it was smooth and pain free. This year there were no trains running until after midday due to trees falling down all over the place.

In any event I’m on my way home and should be back around half 5.

And this on the ninth anniversary of my blog.

Christmas is a special time of year. It really is my favourite. The only time I can genuinely tell people to go away… in the nicest possible way… and they accept it. It’s a shame it’s so damn cold but it does make me feel a whole lot less guilty about sitting indoors for days on end.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the family again. Most visits home are of a flying nature these days. But this is going to be a whole two weeks. OK it will go quickly just like all others… and I know I’ll start to feel guilty come the 2nd Jan that I should be doing some work. That’s just m nature.

But I know that will mean I feel like I’ve had the rest I so desperately need.

It’s been a long year. Here’s to Midnight Mass and alcoholic beverages.

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