Christmas Gets Nearer

Writing posts with titles like this should be a big no-no, because I just know in January I will look at the title of this post and be very depressed.

But I must live in the present.

The big problem I have is that the present is just enjoyable enough.

Today I had a nice day out for several hours with a couple of neighbourly friends. Unfortunately, they are older than my parents, so it makes it not quite as fun as it ought to be, but it was still relaxing.

The major problem is that the rest of the day was conducted dodging three customers  (it is Sunday after all), dealing with two others by text and e-mail, and doing extensive gardening. Not what I should be doing if I am trying to switch off.

Switching off is now impossible. I blame the mobile. It has turned us into an always-on culture.

But after much talk, and various thoughts from endless e-mail newsletters and catalogues through the letterbox, I am starting to think about Christmas, which is, without a doubt, my favourite time of the year, weather notwithstanding.

I just love going to stay at home for a while, seeing my family, and the extended family, and switching off from work completely for at least a week. We all eat a bit too much, but we do things that we don’t normally get a chance to during the year. For instance, I usually play some computer games, something I used to love doing, but don’t get a chance to now. Or even if I do, I wouldn’t because I feel like I should be working.

As I get older every year, I wonder whether each Christmas will be the same. I think of my older sister, who has her own family now. Christmas now for her is very different. She still comes to visit us, but now holds her own “Christmas”. Will I ever “grow up” and do the same? It’s not seeming likely at the moment. Even if I did, and celebrated my own Christmas, I can’t help but feel I would be able to take as much time off as I do…

But for now, Christmas this year is once more something to look forward to. Something to be grateful that it Is approaching quickly, and will therefore give me some brief respite away from the dullness, repetitiveness and downright anger that living here, with my useless housemate, causes me.

Just need to start thinking about presents…

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