It’s been a busy couple of weeks, as always at the moment. I’m doing very well in my business, and this is excellent. My only complaint is just how hard I’m having to work, but it, hopefully, will all be worth it in the long run.

Right now I am trying to diversify the business, through a fairly useful business contact who has become more of a friend. We have a couple of irons in the fire, and if any of them pay off, it will result in me being able to professionalise the business. Take it into a proper office, a proper workshop, and even be able to employ someone.

That would be good. I’d really value being able to do that. Not that I want to manage people, but I think knowing that I have been successful enough to support other people, as well as myself comfortably, is a real sign of progress, and of ambition for the future.

To get there, we need a bit more luck. I’m not doing too badly at the moment though. You do make some of your own luck by how hard you work, but there is inevitably an element that just comes about by being in the right place at the right time, and knowing the right people to be in with a shot. The world runs on the relationships between people, and it is foolish to ignore that. One of the things I’ve learned since being a young ‘un.

At the other end of life though, I feel worse than ever. Socially my life is crap. Here in The House – never a home – the relationship with my housemate is dire. We just don’t have any normal social conversation. We don’t really share any interests. We share some work small talk, but nothing more. Fortunately, because of his new job, he’s only here at weekends and maybe a couple of hours in the evening. And some weekends, I’m not here, and other weekends he’s not here. It makes it liveable.

But I do have to find my own place. That will finally give my own true independence, and I don’t have to have a brain filled with bitching and moaning about the way others fail to do this, or do that, which inevitably pisses me off.

Maybe the plan will all come together if I can just get the work side of my life signed off.

I’ve been saying this since I was in school. Work first, then social life.

I’m starting to lose a bit of faith in that one…

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