It’s never something I like to think about, but I do have a huge amount of it. I don’t like being in debt to people, and I certainly don’t like being in debt to a bank. The very thought that I might be charged for the privilege is what puts me off. A lot.

So the idea of getting a mortgage, despite not actually being something relevant right now, is disturbing to me. The thought that over the lifetime of the deal I could be paying back more than double what I originally took out is worrying. But, let’s face it, it’s not possible for normal people to do it any other way. Tough luck.

It’s this that has got me thinking. As one of my friends becomes the first person I know to be able to afford to buy his own property – and even then only with the help of a shared equity scheme, will I ever be able to afford my own house? It doesn’t seem likely any time soon, especially with the vast deposits required and lack of good mortgages for self-employed people.

If this continues, then I will remain debt-free regarding a mortgage. But there is still something else that accounts for me being substantially in debt anyway.

Of course, that’s the student loan. That hulking great agglomeration of debt that I daren’t think about. Already well over 20k, with hundreds of pounds of interest being added each year. This tax year, I might actually have to pay some of it off. But it won’t cover the interest. Far from it. And so the debt will continue to rise.

Yet if I’m going to get into debt, it’s the kind of debt that should fill all our hearts with cheer. For the fact is simple. I will probably never repay it. Basically, it will be a surtax on me until I stop breathing. I’ll pay an extra few percentage points on my tax bill than everyone else. But with the interest rate so low, and the fact that there is no threat to repayment, there is no logical reason why I should try to clear it off sooner.

Not good for the government. And not really good for me. But its nature means I don’t ever really worry about it. It exists. It steals cash from me, all in exchange for a rather useless degree. That annoys me far more. The fact that I wasn’t really told that a good degree guarantees you absolutely nothing. Oh, except paying more tax than everyone else.

I would much rather people were in debt to me. Sadly, I’ve become that kind of person. I like doing favours for people, and then calling them in in the future. Sometimes with interest. Well, I am running a business, after all.

I’m babbling now. Time to go. Time to try and enjoy the last part of yet another journey home. At least the London Midland trains have some legroom…

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