Enjoy The Silence

Right now I have the house to myself, and will do for another 13 days or so.

This is actually a very enjoyable situation to be in. At least, at the moment it is. It’s excellent to have a two week break from my housemate, while he goes off gallivating by playing the weekend warrior, but I know very soon I’ll start to be utterly bored. Even more so than usual.

At the moment it’s fine, though. It’s been two days now and I’ve managed to find something to do to fill all the time. Yesterday I had enough work to do, but today was a bit tougher, having no real work. Tomorrow’s another day, and I suspect there is more work around the corner, but if it doesnt come, this may be a struggle.

Cos though I like to moan about the housemate, at least it’s someone to talk to. Even if he irritates me from time to time, and usually more often than that, it is useful to at least make sure, as The Sims would put it, that the social bar doesn’t fall to zero, requiring immediate use of the Social Bunny.

This has made the house broadly silent. Apart from the times I reach for the guitar and sing very quietly. Oh for those sunny days when I spent the summer singing loudly and openly. And people enjoyed it. These days, I actually think my singing is truly awful. That’s what happens when you don’t practice any more. And I don’t practice because I can’t. I don’t want anyone to hear me. Bad deal to get stuck into.

Fortunately, there may also be other distractions on the horizon. Firstly, for definite, I have actually decided to spend some of my profits on a new PC. I’m such a Scrooge that I spent almost no money on luxuries for myself, and I just above justify spending on essentials. But every now and then I release the moths from my wallet. That means the parts will be arriving some time this week. Something geeky to look forward to.

Then there is the imminent prospect of a visit from my parents. I’ve been here 10 months now, almost exactly, and they still don’t know what my house is like, or even where the hell I’m living. Yes, I know I live 200 miles away, but still. I hope they do come. They were supposed to come over the Easter holiday, but couldn’t find the time. I only saw them last week, when I went home briefly for a surprise visit (which coincided with their anniversary: bonus points!), but still, at least if they come here it’ll be something else to look forward to. I’d at least like to show them I’m not doing too badly, considering they had no confidence in what I was doing.

Anyway, that’s enough for one day. I really need to remember to write a bit more often, but usually when I remember to I can’t think of anything interesting to say. The blogger’s curse…

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