Summer’s Here

I don’t want to tempt fate or anything…

But this summer has actually been pretty good. After two washouts in the last couple of years, this summer has actually been pretty cool. Or not cool. It’s been warm. And, in parts, sunny. Very sunny indeed.

Meanwhile, back Up North, where I no longer live for most of the year, it has been cooler, darker and wetter. Generally, in other words, shit. Not a day goes by where I don’t compare the five day forecasts for where I live now, and where I used to live.

Weather is important for us English, but for me it’s even more so. I’m one of life’s weather OCD freaks. It has to be just right, or I get tetchy. Winter is a total write-off for me. It’s too dark. Too cold, obviously. But definitely too dark. Autumn is also a disaster, because of the long, slow decline. It’s too depressing.

For six months of the year, as long as the weather treats me right, I’m happy. The days get lighter. They get warmer too. At least they’re supposed to. It fills me with the joys of Spring. I guess that’s where the phrase comes from. I like knowing that each day that passes is making the conditions better, brighter, sunnier. It’s so… uplifting.

So when the summers turn out to be grey, wet disaster areas, I get pretty pissed off. That seemed to happen more often than not the last few years. It made the winter so much harder to bear if I knew there wasn’t really any nicer conditions to offset the badness.

It seems ridiculous, but the 200 miles from here to Up North just seems to make all the difference. Generally speaking, it’s warmer here. It’s also sunnier here. And it definitely rains less. I also observed this when I lived in London for a year. It is a major bonus of not living Up North, one I’m grateful for every day.

As long as it’s warm and sunny. Or at least warm, with a bit of sun. Definitely no rain allowed.

Whether I’m making full use of it is less certain. I feel like I have to squeeze all the optimism out of the sun while I can still see it. I need it to keep me going. It’s like a store of energy to see me through the winter.

But still, like I said, can’t complain right now. Here’s to a, sort of, summer. And let’s hope I haven’t tempted fate…

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