Brisk Business

The week trickles ahead, and my recent run of good fortune seems to be continuing.

I’ve been working every day this week, and not just in the cleaning job I mentioned in my previous post. That is going OK. About as best you can hope for when you’re cleaning toilets, I suppose. Even better when on the radio comes Linger by the Cranberries, you start whistling – “Do you have to let it linger?” – as a member of staff walks in to use the toilet cubicle…

Aside from such amusements it’s very mundane. But at least I get paid for doing it. Better still, I’m getting paid more than I did at the petrol station, and don’t have a shitty boss, and don’t have to live with the constant threat of losing pay.

Even better, this morning my wage slip arrived. I’ve been paid on time, and taxed correctly. I’ve yet to receive a wage slip from my former employer, and the whole thing was administered incorrectly. If I don’t get wageslips in the end, it’s going to make next year’s self-assessment form incredibly difficult.

But amidst all this, my computer business has been not too bad either. I’ve had several customers the past few days, each one producing a decent level of return for my time investment, and each one seeming very pleased with the service and all promising to recommend to me to anyone they know who has a computer to fix.

It’s been a struggle… because I’ve done most of the home visits by walking to them. One of them was 2.5miles, but I have no choice at the moment but to keep my costs to a minimum. Perhaps it will encourage me to get a car. But I still think I’m the wrong side of 30 for the insurance companies. There’s no way I can afford £1,000+ a year just on insurance. But it hasn’t been too bad, anyway. I don’t mind walking. Gets me out the house and keeps me relatively active!

The only real black mark against it has been the failure of eBay to produce any useful leads. I took a gamble, hoping the eBay shop would drive traffic to my website. It hasn’t. I’m just left with a bill for a large number of crappy auctions which ended for pennies as I tried to get rid of the rubbish lying in this room. Never mind…

That is still very much in prospect. In fact, I’m going there in a couple of weeks time to scout out somewhere to live. If it can all be wrapped up the same day and an agreement in principle made then there’s no reason why I wouldn’t be able to move by October. I have no real ties here. It would be sad to move, of course, but again and again I think to myself that my time here has run out.

It’s going to happen soon. Just when is still to be decided…

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