Killing Me Softly

On Monday (yes I’m late), I went to see The Killers at the MEN Arena. I haven’t been to a concert in a long time, and I’ve never been to the MEN Arena either. So I didn’t really know what to expect, though I had heard that The Killers always put on a good show…

The day itself didn’t exactly go smoothly. Inbetween trying to cook my family’s dinner so that we could eat it early and leave by 5:30pm, I was being pestered by a customer on my mobile phone to try to fix his problem. Trouble is, I really needed to get in front of his computer to do so. He was that desperate to get it fixed that he offered to come round to my house, give me a lift, and even bring me back. I, of course, wanted to do it, to make some money, but I was busy here, and worse, it was my nan’s birthday, and I’d promised to go round their house. 

Being unable to do three things at once, something had to give. Sadly, money came first, and so I did the job. In the process, I had to lock the house, because no one was in. Little did I know that that would cause a disaster as it later transpired that neither my mum, or dad, or brothers and sister, had a key to open the door. 

So while I was out working, my family couldn’t get in. They had to sit in my nan’s (who fortunately lives locally) while they waited for me to return. And my return took a while, as the problem was a little more complicated that it first appeared…

Eventually I got back at 5:15pm… I’d left the dinner in the oven on slow cook, but three hours cooking a pasta bake is a bit too much, so it was extremely crispy. Never mind.

We frantically raced around the house getting ready, leaving at about 6:10pm. The show started at 7:30pm, so the ticket said. We knew there would be a support act, so there wasn’t a big panic, but there was always the traffic to contend with. Oh, and the usual wrong turning, which happened again. 

Eventually we got into the Arena at 7:40pm.  I expected queuing to get in. None. I expected security searches. None, other than a token scan of my sister’s handbag. In fact, the whole thing was smooth and easy. Except the fact that The Killers didn’t come on until 9:15pm. Wish we hadn’t rushed so much now.

Amidst all this you would be forgiven for thinking that the concert was unnotable. It wasn’t. It was fantastic. We didn’t have the greatest of seats, sitting in the upper tier, the furthest away possible, but I guess that’s why they were the cheapest in there. I remember sitting waiting on the Ticketmaster website to buy them, hoping we’d get lucky. We did. And it was worth it. Oh, except for the idiots sitting (standing) in front of us, who were drunk, and shouted a conversation to each other throughout the performance. The usual anti-social behaviour that I’ve come to expect from things like this really. It’s why I don’t bother with cinemas, concerts and other public events now. Unfortunately, society has now disintegrated so much that someone always ruins it for you. We asked them to be quiet, but as usual we got nothing but abuse back.

The Killers (I could just about make them out on the stage miles away) were awesome. The singing was spot on, the music sublime, and they hit us with all their top songs. They are my favourite band for the simple reason that, of all their singles, I like all of them, loving most of them. And then there are album tracks that I love too. Superb on every level, they can do no wrong. There were plenty of pyrotechnics and lighting trickery that we certainly could see, and they were great. But we really were so far away that I could see the drummer hitting the drums before I heard it…

Like I said, it was the first time I’ve been to the MEN Arena and I was impressed. It was bigger than I thought it would be, and the facilities were excellent. Prices inside were scandalous, but I knew they would be and so didn’t buy anything. I was also delighted that we didn’t have to queue to get in (unlike previous concerts I’ve been to), and I think next time I would try to go on the train because I didn’t realise that it’s right on top of the station. 

All good stuff, though my bad experience with the people in front puts me off doing it again. It would have to be another awesome band to justify the risk of there being louts near me…

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