In Business

Officially, I am now self-employed.

Unofficially, there’s nothing much to show for it just yet. That’s the tricky thing. Though I’m spending money on business items such as a phone contract, tools, equipment, stationery and marketing, there is no money coming in yet, and I don’t expect there to be for a little while yet.

As the phrase goes, you gotta speculate to accumulate. And I sure am speculating. I really have no idea how this is going to go. It could be a massive failure. It could be a big success. More likely it will be somewhere inbetween, but that isn’t a particularly brilliant bit of foresight – it’s just an educated guess. 

The realisation of the size of the gamble grew on me a couple of days ago when I drew up my first cash flow sheet. The income column had one potential source: sales. The expenditure column was a huge list of potential and actual things I will be spending my money on. And it is my own money. Though there’s not exactly a huge amount of cost involved, it is my risk to take. No grants, no loans, no money from grandparents… it’s all me. 

The key now is getting the message out. Within a few weeks I need to be able to say that there is potential here, though I’m not going to give up too easily. To me, almost every house has a computer now. And every computer is under constant pressure from viruses and spyware and endless Windows Updates. To me, that is a lot of possible customers. Yes, I know a lot of people know how to fix their computers, but I’d say the majority don’t. In fact, if the problem is hardware related, I’d say the vast majority don’t. 

So then the question boils down to whether there’s enough competition. I would say that there isn’t. But only time is going to prove that one either way. We’ll see.

I’m wondering, with more than a little nervousness, when my first call is going to come and what the problem is going to be. I’m also left thinking where they are living too, as transport could be a bit of an issue for me if I don’t work this out correctly. Hopefully they are just around the corner – that would make it even easier. Once the first job is over with, I’ll start to feel more confident about where this is all heading.

In the meantime, once again I’m having to play the waiting game. My life seems to be filled with it at the moment. Everything is a huge case of “wait and see”. Even Prison Break, of which I’ve now got just one episode left of Season 2, is making me wait, putting me on a wonderful cliffhanger.

In my student days I would have watched the final episode right now. But I can’t. For the past week now we’ve had work going on in the house, finally to give us a renovated bathroom and a real shower. I can’t wait. But for now, there is lots of knocking and banging and general disruption to put up with. And all of that makes the dog even worse than ever. Not good at all.

Back to the clock watching…

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