Oh No, He Isn’t

And relax…

For the first time since last Friday, I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and vegetate. Not that I want to do that, but its inevitable return is worth noting anyway.

As I said in my last post, I was going to be helping out at my local school with their pantomime production as their stage manager. I spent all day Saturday in rehearsals, Sunday was spent at football, Monday was rehearsals all day, so was Tuesday, with a performance on Tuesday night, and Wednesday was the final performance. 

At the end of it all, the verdict is that it went very well indeed. All the reviews I’ve heard have said that it was one of the best run plays the school has ever put on. That is a very high compliment, and I’m very satisfied to have played a part in it. 

And play a part I did. Stage management suited me down to the ground. I’ve been a stagehand before, but having the responsibility of controlling scenery, props and cues, as well as managing a small team of helpers, getting a chance to flex my organisational skills, was something I really enjoyed. There were errors, and there were accidents, but we worked around them extremely well, including fixing a falling backdrop in double quick time while the curtains were closed. Fortunately, it broke while the curtains were closed, and so the audience didn’t see it. They wouldn’t have suspected a thing.

And that’s the job of the stage crew. The better, more organised their performance, the less you realise their impact. It’s one of the ironies of doing a good job when you’re behind the scenes. You will always notice a bad job, scenery, props arriving late, lighting or sound cues missed… but when it’s all done slickly, you just sit back and enjoy the performance.

What it has done is improve my opinion of the next generation just a little. I used to be a lot more positive than I am now, but recent events (documented frequently on this journal) have undermined my confidence significantly as I’m really uncertain as to whether the next generation shares the values of everyone else as the Internet and free-market liberalisation transforms our way of life. But it was good to see first hand a lot of very bright, very talented kids, and some more middle-of-the-road ones too, working hard and enjoying themselves, giving something to the community. 

It was only a few days work, but I’m going to miss it. It was nice to have something to do, good to feel valued and comforting to feel part of something that gave a lot of people a lot of enjoyment. They even recognised my contribution at the end by calling me out especially, and I got a round of applause and bottle of wine. Oh well, at least I got something tangible out of it!

As usual it makes me think “well, why don’t I do that for a career?”. I have thought about it before. I wanted to go into media production of some kind when I was 16. In the end I turned my back on it, as it just didn’t feel like the right fit for me. In truth, I would probably enjoy any job that allowed me lots of organisational responsibility. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be working in media/theatre, but it seems the skillset profile matches me well. Worth reconsidering, perhaps.

But I do have an idea for something community theatre related that I would love to do if I had some money. One day, hopefully. 

And now, back to reality…

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