Indulgent Pet Posting

I don’t often (ever?) write about the pets that we have here in this house. That’s largely because that kind of blog is what I deliberately set out to avoid. I wouldn’t be interested in hearing about someone else’s cat/dog/goldfish, unless there’s some anecdotal value, for example. I’ve only ever written about our dog when it’s been relevant to my life…

But I have to part with tradition just this one because yesterday, alas, our last guinea pig died. This time last year, our other guinea pig died, so we’ve now lost two beloved pets in the space of a year. All we have left now is the dog, which is increasingly a nuisance.

I was surprised at just how much this loss has hit me. The dearly departed Spud was such an awesome guinea pig. He was happy, lively, excitable and very very placid. Over the years I’ve been used to having pets that have, somehow or other, all been nasty, aggressive and not liked to be handled. Rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, one dog… they’ve all been quite unsociable animals.

This may, however, have been because all our previous pets have always been a little bit older than babies when we’ve bought them, and most of them have not been used to being friendly with humans. And, of course, because me and my siblings were younger, we couldn’t help but torment them just a little, perhaps encouraging them to dislike being picked up…

This time with Spud, though, we had it from really young. The youngest pet we’ve ever bought. And it lived with us for five years. He was probably the best pet we’ve ever had. Friendly, approachable and full of amusing quirks.



Our guinea pig that died last year, Spike, was not quite as friendly. In fact, he was a bit of a sulk. It liked to be chased when you were trying to pick it up. But it was still a nice pet, and one of the best we’ve ever had. Especially the way the two guineas interacted with each other. That was always funny to watch.



But now both of them have gone. They must have both been about five years old, which is a little disappointing. We thought we’d get about six years out of them, most sources I’ve read seem to suggest they live between four and eight years.

I was so upset about it yesterday. Still am a bit today. But it’s amazing how much your emotions copy other people. I didn’t want to cry about it, sad though I was, but when I saw my mum and sister in floods of tears my brain decided to join in the party.

The poor buggers will be dearly missed. They brought a lot of joy and happiness in the short time they lived with us. So long, dudes.

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