Abnormal Service

At the moment my mum is on holiday with her job, away until Friday, so the atmosphere of the house is a little different. My dad is having to be the one who thinks about what we need in the house, keeping a check on supplies. Which invariably means we run out of things.

The poor old dog has also been having to rely on other people feeding it. I’m not sure it’s been fed yet this morning. I’m now going to have to e-mail my dad to ask him if he fed it. And if not, it will mean I have to because my brother who is here at the moment is useless. In any case, he has an exam this afternoon, so it’s just easier not to disturb him…

Unfortunately, me and my brother don’t talk as much as we used to. We used to be really good friends but now he’s older things seem to have become a lot more awkward. I don’t really know what that’s the case. I don’t know whether it’s connected to me going away to university. Maybe not. We just don’t know what to say to each other any more, averting eye contact…

At the same time too, my other brother is away with his school on an overnight trip, but he’ll be back later. It has made the house incredibly quiet. Except for when my sister comes back, who is still spending most of her time torturing the dog.

In my life very little is happening. I’ve spent the past couple of days doing the odd bit here and there for my football team, which I am really looking forward to being an integral part of for the first time this upcoming season. On Sunday we were all at the final event of the season, a football tournament, and though we didn’t win (or come close to it), we did better in it than we have ever done before. Plus the sun was shining all day. Absolutely glorious.

Of course, it’s a far cry from football on a big open, near frozen field in December with the harsh north wind blowing. But we do it because we love the game. And I certainly do. Though a couple of the Euro 2008 games have been incredibly boring in the past few days… Romania v France anyone?

Meanwhile, the days tick by… and in 19 more of them I will find out what I got for my degree. Now that is exciting!

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