Window On The World

From this seat here, in the “bunker”, I have a window directly above me. Unfortunately, it is a north facing window, so the sun never shines directly into it. But it’s bright, and it feels good to be right underneath the natural light…

I look out of it and see that hardly any other house in the area has a loft conversion. All the houses facing me are all south-facing too, which makes them ideal candidates for this kind of loft conversion. But then again, it does cost a lot of money, and with the economy going south (or is that west?)  there’s not likely to be much change in that.

Anyway, discussing whether other people are going to be having loft conversions is not a particularly interesting subject.

It’s been a fun past few days for me. On Wednesday afternoon I decided to go with my family to their static caravan in Wales. Little did we know at the time that the weather was about to be much better than we were expecting. The forecast was bad, but since my parents and family were all off work and school last week they decided to go. I thought I could do with a break, and so joined them.

There was glorious sunshine every day. Couldn’t ask for better. So a couple of trips to various castles and playing tennis in the park followed. Excellent stuff. More pictures for my collection of all the bits of Wales I’ve visited over the years. It really is a very nice country in all the bits I’ve ever been to. Though I have to admit my time has mostly been confined to the rural bits. And much as I like them, I couldn’t see myself living there.

Cos that’s what my life is like at the moment. I’m thinking carefully about where I’d like to go. I don’t want to stay here in this city (unidentified for my privacy) forever. Life is too short and I want to try somewhere else. But I don’t know where…

In any case, now that I’ve returned home from my four day holiday, and the family are all back in work/school, I have reached my idle position. I don’t have anything to do for now. I can live with that for now – I need a break… but it won’t last long. Soon I will begin to think what I can do.

I could do with a job. Money is low and I feel like I need to contribute something to the house. I can only do that if I find a way to make some cash. This is certainly possible if I think about it carefully. I have a contact I am about to call in to see if he’s got anything I could do. Then there are family friends of friends who’ve been asking about me making them a website for their businesses for ages. I could do that with all this time.

That is my immediate priority. Beyond that, I have to go and find some schools to do my work experience in. But that can wait till July.

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