The Judgement

Just a quick post to outline what happened today.

My dissertation got a 72 which was worth 80% of the total. Factoring in my earlier research proposal it takes the overall score down to 71 overall. This counts twice, so I now stand with 80 credits at First class honours.

This is an excellent result, which I’m delighted to have got. But in some ways it’s the worst of all worlds. If I’d got a higher score (somehow!) it would have brought my overall average up the necessary amount to put me in with a genuine chance of an overall first.

The equation now runs something like… I definitely need 20 more credits at First class. This is definitely on for one of my modules, the exam for which is on Thursday. The other module is still unknown because I don’t have the essay mark back yet, but I think based on the exam performance last week it’s unlikely I’d get a first in that module. But at the very least I need to get 67% and above.

If that’s the case then for this module on Thursday I really need to finish on a high. That would put me on 68% overall, probably 69% when they only consider my best nine modules, and with a 100 credits at First, and a good solid First dissertation.

If that were the case then I think they might give me a First.

At the moment, I would say the odds have moved. Not decisively, but enough. I would say the chances of me getting a first are now 75/25 against me. But this has moved from my assessment of 90/10 against the other day (which in turn moved from 95/5 before that).

I’m in with a shot. This terrifies me. I like the odds, but the numbers won’t lie eventually. Too many 64/66 marks in 2nd year have made this such a daunting ask.

I’ve got to go for it, I really have to. What else can I do?

Either way I now know I’ve at least got a 2:1. Which is very reassuring. And equally awesome. Whatever happens, it’s been a good university career.

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