The revision has begun again in earnest. I’m fed up with moaning about it now so I just have to get on with it. Only four more days of it to come, at least (including today).

But to make things a little more interesting I have decided to vary my revision techniques a little. My idea of revision has always been pretty simple. Read. Read. Read. Read some more. Then synthesise the notes into a prototype essay. Then read the prototype again and again until my brain can’t take any more.

I now have all my prototypes ready for action, and the plan now is to bore myself into submission. By the day of the exam I tend to be so fed up with reading the same stuff that I often curl up into a ball and feel like shouting very loudly for a considerable period of time. But that’s good, because it makes me eager to get it over and done with. There are always nerves, but I’m sure I’d be petrified had I not done enough work.

Anyway, back to the variation… I have never been a fan of spider diagrams. I thought they were just one of these things they tell you in school to do because no one knows the true secret of effective revision. It’s whatever works for you, basically. But the other day for my previous exam I gave a spider diagram a go – and sure enough, when the exam came around I remembered absolutely everything on it.

So I am going to do them again for this module. If all goes well, this is the module I need to get 68 and above on. If I do that then I will get a first overall for this module. That then triggers up the possible first scenario that has been running through my brain forever. I’m bored of crunching the potential numbers now – I want to see the results.

I say “if all goes well” because that equation above is only relevant if tomorrow I get my dissertation result back and it’s a first. That I am really unsure about. I am never ever confident that I will get a first in anything. But I can’t help but feel that my chances are much better with this dissertation. I hope so.

I really really hope so. If it is the case then it won’t just be spider diagrams that I’ll be trying out to improve my revision techniques. It’ll be any daft and crazy idea I can get my hands on. Flash cards. Timetables. Practice essays under time conditions. Wall charts. Mnemonics. Audio recordings…

More tomorrow, hopefully. At least we have the internet back now…

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