Seven Days

We’re now into the home stretch.

Yesterday I had my first exam. It was a pretty dull affair – the questions were as expected, and I think I was able to do myself justice to at least get a solid 2:1. Though I don’t know my essay mark yet for that module, I think it will be fine.

The reason why I’m suddenly so concerned was that on Tuesday I got one of my essays back for the other module I’m doing and it had got a 72 – my highest ever essay mark. If ever there was a time to get such a high score it was now. In some ways I didn’t want to see it. What it’s done is get my hopes up that the seemingly impossible first could still be on. If I’d got a 2:1 it would have been over and I could have relaxed.

What it does do is make this Monday coming incredibly significant. Monday will be dissertation mark day. If I get a first in the dissertation then the chances of me being able to get one overall will increase significantly, possibly to as much as 50/50. This is going to be quite a nerve-wracking time for me if it’s there. I’ve been having dreams that my mark for the dissertation was a 69 – which would be truly awful for me because it would be one mark short and that would be the end of the possibility.

I still expect to get a 2:1. The chances at the moment I would put at 90/10 against me, but it’s crept up from 95/5 which it was before I got this essay back.

In the meantime, with one exam down, and the next one a week today, I’ve afforded myself a little break. I spent most of yesterday at the student union and then sat in the front yard of a friend’s house for four hours in the sunshine. Fortunately it wasn’t that strong or else I would have got burnt, but it was good fun. There are many of us all in the same boat – we had all had the exam yesterday and are now counting down to the days to our last one.

There has been one minor irritation to report though… and it’s summed up by the fact that I’m sitting in the library typing this post. The internet has been switched off because our silly ISP have decided to misinterpret my housemate’s request to close the phone line at the end of May. They left the phone line on, but have turned the internet off because yesterday was what we’d paid up until. Great. I’m not even certain we’ll get it back on by the time I leave.

It’s amazing how hard it is to live without the internet now. I’m glad I don’t have long here, because this is going to be one hell of a struggle. I feel completely out of the loop news wise.

Revision will resume tomorrow. Boring. But necessary. As long as the sun continues to shine I think I can live with it…

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