Early Night On Election Night Shocker

Well, as a politics student it’s been an interesting couple of days. Local elections are always of mild amusement, but this one was combined with the London mayoralty, which made it slightly more interesting.

Alas, my preferred candidate didn’t win, but I can’t help but feel a slight amount of morbid curiosity about how Boris Johnson is going to do the job. It also helps that I don’t live in London and can afford to be so apathetic from this distance. I can’t see myself living in London in the future either, but never say never.

The sad part of it was that, due to the fact that the London stuff was being counted on the Friday, I had my earliest election night finish for a very long time. I normally ride it out till 5am, 6am or sometimes just keep on going. But this time I just couldn’t be bothered. I signed off at about 12:30am. It was clear Labour were failing. The BBC coverage was appalling, and I couldn’t get Sky News. The internet and the blogosphere filled in the gaps, but I’d had enough. I wanted to be awake and alert for the London results.

Now it’s all over and we move on. Of course, next week comes more US-flavoured political junkyism, so that oughta keep me going.

But it is, at long last, fast approaching the time for me to get serious with my revision. Which hasn’t yet started. Yesterday I submitted my last two essays. I now have no more essays to do for my degree course. All that’s left now is two exams. They are fast approaching. But I’m not yet nervous enough to do anything about them.

These past few weeks have been all about killing time. This has been done with a combination of books, essay work, tutorial reading, TV shows (Prison Break, Doctor Who, The Apprentice), films (Dogma being the latest one I watched – pretty good it was too) and snooker. On telly. That is, thankfully, ending on Monday. So that will remove the last distraction I’ve got. And with enough time to spare.

I’m happy with that. In all honesty I’m somewhat losing the will to care anyway. It’s a fatal time for this to strike, but I know that a good dissertation mark and two good essays means it really doesn’t matter what happens in my last two exams as I’ll still get a 2:1. The first is only within reach if I know I’ve done a good dissertation. And I don’t know that. I would have liked to have found out but, unfortunately, they’re being mean to us.

So with that in mind I don’t really see the point in working too hard now. I’m almost certain it’s beyond me. The damage was done in second year. I needed another 2% average over those six modules to have really put me in the driving seat for a first. But that’s gone now. I’d still be delighted with a 2:1.

This brings me on to an issue I want to dedicate a post to in the future. What happens to clever kids? I feel big-headed in saying this, but I definitely was (am?) a bit of a smarty-pants when I was in school. I’m sure I would have been in the “gifted and talented” groups they have now in the education system. I’d like to have a little think about this…

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