Too Much Cake

Happily, this week has been better than last. It’s gone fairly quickly, but that’s probably because I’ve tried to do some things to make it more enjoyable.

There is also another stroke of fortune in that there is something to watch on telly. I like snooker a lot, and at this time of year we get the privilege of two weeks of snooker genius. Since I don’t have much work to do, it’s been a very useful distraction. It also got me into the mood, so yesterday I actually arranged some sort of social life function with a couple of friends to go and play pool for a couple of hours.

Earlier in the week we had the joys of more US Presidential primaries. They didn’t quite go the way I wanted, but in some respects I’m enjoying them so I don’t want them to end just yet. Even though I don’t think it’s possible that Clinton can win now. I get the feeling that what we’re witnessing is a once in a lifetime US election. It’s a good time to be alive.

Meanwhile, closer to home, last night was the Question Time debate for London mayor. That election is next Thursday. If I was there I would vote for Ken Livingstone – I’m not quite sure what people see in Boris Johnson. I’ve never understood the Boris frenzy that seems to exist in some people. But I am almost certain that Boris will win. He didn’t do too badly in last night’s debate, and I think the polling leads he’s got are convincing. I hope I’m wrong. We’ll see.

And today… well, the wheels are falling off slightly. Last night my housemate baked a madeira cake… which was pretty good. But the problem was we started eating it at 10pm. And me, being a bit of a greedy bastard where cakes are concerned, went for the hat-trick and ate three slices.

I don’t feel too good this morning. I don’t know what else it could be. My stomach just feels full. Completely full. But I don’t feel like I’m going to be sick. I’m drinking water but it’s not making me feel any worse. This wouldn’t bother me too much except for the fact that in an hour’s time I’m supposed to be going to Leeds for the day to meet a friend and discuss the potential for a little work. Given that the last time we arranged to meet was cancelled at short notice through their fault, I’m not sure I could get away with abandoning it.

So this means I’m going to have to travel in this somewhat ill state. It’s still got an hour to wear off, but I’ve not had any breakfast yet because I can’t risk it. But I need breakfast. I can’t operate without it.

Lesson learned, I guess. Eyes bigger than my belly. I’m probably feeling the ill effects of masses of sugar. Because there was a lot in it…

Gonna have to risk it. Maybe it will be good to get out in some fresh air.

UPDATE: Friday was a bit of a waste of time, though the outcome is still up in the air. More in the future…

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