Waste Of Energy

The days tick by, slowly but surely, making me feel slightly less aggrieved as they disappear into history, forgotten and unloved.

I just wish it was a lot quicker. I’m so incredibly bored at the moment that I’m almost hoping to get some work. And no, revision does not count as work. I’d rather die than revise at the moment. That would only enhance the boredom still further.

There may be something on the horizon. A couple of weeks ago I said I was going to go to London with the goal of negotiating a couple of weeks work off a friend, but unfortunately this never transpired. But it may come next week instead with a meeting in Leeds. This could be ideally placed to give me a two week contract of work that will take me nicely up to exam time. Cos there’s still five weeks to go.

But until then I still piss about here trying to find something to do. On Wednesday me and a friend walked up to Beverley. He was hoping to find a new houseplant on one of the market stalls, since his last one died due to neglect. On the way up there we passed no fewer than three garden centres which would have been more than adequate to his needs. Instead we carried on walking. In truth, I didn’t mind. What else would I have been doing?

Then the problem. We arrived at about 3pm. No market. Well, there was one stall and it was selling fruit and veg. Not plants. So we’d walked 8 miles and for nothing. Great. Oh no, we did get something. Two bottles of water for £1 from Woolworths. Apparently the main market is on Saturdays. I do wish he’d done some proper research. Then again, his research did involve asking a fellow housemate who hails from Beverley – so you would have expected the answer to be reliable.

Maybe she just wanted to piss us off. Well, it didn’t quite work. I was briefly annoyed, and then realised I didn’t care. Annoyance is useless to me. I just want to do something to use up the last of my time here. Possibly the last vestiges of freedom before my life begins with Real Work. Not this so-called full time study. All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t have to pay any fees for this joke. I sympathise with all students under the new system. £3,000 for four hours tuition a week? Nice work if you can get it.

The worst is that, having dealt with the Happy Couple and their Friday night pissed-a-thons, I now have another housemate taking liberties. She’s got most of her friends sleeping in the living room as I type. Fuckers. She didn’t even ask if the rest of us were OK with this. You can be absolutely certain that if I ever had friends over I would check with other housemates if they’re OK with it. Nothing worse than having your own house invaded by people you don’t know and, to be quite frank, don’t care to know.

Sick of moaning. Sick of it all. Hurry up and end, please…

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