An Untold Tale

I noticed that in my last post I failed to mention the fact that on the Friday night there was a consternation in this house, caused by alcohol and late nights combined with noisy bastards who were in the living room, directly underneath my bedroom.

The disturbance pissed me off a hell of a lot. Since it wasn’t the first time it had happened (caused by the Happy Couple and their chums) I was left with little choice but to confront it head on. I got lots of apologies, and promises it won’t happen again. My main objection is they treat this house like it is their own. They always seem to forget that there are other people living here.

This Friday night has gone off much more quietly. However, downstairs in the living room remain two idiot friends, dossing. The room stinks of garlic, no doubt courtesy of take aways and the fact that there is no airflow in there due to a lack of windows. I still object to this. It’s my house too, and I want to be able to feel comfortable in it. I want to be able to walk from one part of the house to another without intervention or awkward eye contact with morons.

The silly thing is that the promise has already been broken. My housemate said the only people he’d invite round to sleep here now are two people I know (but still hate, yet he doesn’t know that). Yet downstairs one of them is someone I’ve never seen before. It seems they have different people here every week.

In any event, I was already pissed off with one half of the couple (the one who I have lived with before and until this year considered him a friend). We’d both agreed that we’d watch a DVD… since the only DVD player we have is his PS2, it is important that if we want to watch anything on the TV downstairs that we all agree. It was set for 8pm. Two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. His horrible girlfriend, and fellow housemate, would also watch. Fine. It might prove good at uniting the house again.

In the end, they got a better offer. I was waiting in the living room, having made my tea… and then at 8:15pm they left the house for their night out. Nice of them to tell me that they’d had other plans.

So that’s it. After this morning, I have nothing more to say to them.

God almighty. When will this boredom end? I can say there is three months left to go now – but that is until graduation. In fact, it’s much shorter than that in terms of time I must spend in this house. This is good. 9 weeks left, I think, is the more accurate count. I can’t wait.

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