And For My Final Trick

The trip back to Hull was not without incident. The odd thing was that the night before I had a dream that my train was cancelled… and the next morning I realised that of all the trips I have made backwards and forwards by train or by coach between home and Hull and home and London, nothing had ever gone wrong.

Notice the use of the past tense. Had. Unfortunately, for this final journey on my own, there was a problem. How annoying that it just had to happen to blemish what had been a perfect record. I was beginning to think that maybe our public transport network isn’t so bad after all, as I couldn’t think of any recent incidents of problems.

So I suppose it was inevitable when my first connection was delayed leading to me missing my second train. As I’d booked all the tickets in advance I had a seat reserved on the second train and I couldn’t, technically, travel on any other. But of course, if something goes wrong they’ll let you travel on a later one. How nice of them, since it was their fault you’re late in the first place.

But eventually I got back to the joys of an empty house. This was good. I hadn’t been looking forward to getting back because of returning to The Atmosphere in here, but since they are both away until the weekend it’s given me time to settle in ahead of their return. Good.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time pissing around with my dissertation again. The submission date is a week on Monday, and I have to get it bound before then. I was going to head the library to print it out today but the fact that the rain is incessant is stopping me from leaving the house. Which is annoying. By printing it out it will stop me from making any further changes. I doubt I’m likely to improve it now. It’s time to just get it out the way and move on.

Perhaps I could do it tomorrow or Sunday. The library is open. Plus, come Sunday, the clocks will have gone forward, giving me another precious hour of daylight. Then maybe I’ll feel happier. I might begin to feel that the summer is approaching.

I was even optimistic when I came back to Hull as I brought back the sun protecting chap stick I’ve had for a couple of years. When it gets warm, my lips start to crack terribly, which is painful. So I need it. But only if the sun shines…

Fingers crossed.