The Good and the Not So Good

Yesterday was met with joyous celebration, as the one thing that we don’t normally expect on Sundays actually happened.

Yes, my brother’s football team actually won a game. They strained and struggled, but in the end they fought hard and managed to get the victory they so richly deserved after a season of battling through problems brought on by fickle players. They aren’t actually a bad side – the problem is that they’re not physically strong on the ball. If you are muscled off the ball, you don’t get a chance to showcase any of your skill. That’s what happens all the time. It’s also one of the reasons why the grassroots of English football is in dire straits, but I digress.

The win brought a smile to everyone’s face. It’s amazing just how much something like that can change your outlook on everything. That’s all we want, a win every now and then to give us something to fight for. We were considering packing it all in last week, but now everything has a different glow to it. On the flip side though, I don’t think you can possibly savour victory until you’ve tasted defeat. I don’t know how these teams that win every game easily keep up their interest. How tedious. And it doesn’t really teach anyone any lessons in life either.

The past few days, like all the others, have just flown by. I have another week left at home now. Disappointingly, there is still very little sign that the weather intends to improve any time soon. This means that I expect when I get back to Hull we will still have to be using the central heating. Expensive. But on the good side, there is now just one rent instalment left to pay. The end is now getting so close I can smell it.

And the end will be even closer once I get back and start knuckling down again. Coming home is a good way of killing off 20 days that would otherwise have been spent in Hull doing nothing, freezing cold.

But back to the mean business of today. My nephew is here, and I’m looking after him for today. Not that he needs much looking after. If I left him to himself he would sit on a combination of the PC, the Nintendo DS and the XBox 360 all day. I’ve just said to him that we should go to the shops to buy his mum an Easter egg for this weekend, but, unfortunately, my modest proposal does not compare with the glorious computer devices, and so I have been rejected.

Such is the modern age. But then I’m sure when I was his age I did exactly the same. The circle of life ventures ever slowly forward.

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