Half Time

Today I have a few hours of lectures, an important meeting and then I’m off home this evening. A few weeks ago I booked my train tickets to head back to focus my mind on getting my work done before the date arrived…

And so it has come to pass. I believe my dissertation is finished. I’ve spent an enormous length of time writing and revising it, and that’s obviously not including the fact that I started the research on it last year. All I’ve got left to do is to proof read it (again), print it, get it bound and hand it in on the fateful day of April 7th.

On top of that I’ve also written and finished one of my essays. So when I come back, all I have to do is one more essay (in four weeks) and then it’s six weeks until the exams – though knowing my luck they will fall awkwardly again.

It will be a relief to get out of here for a few weeks. The atmosphere in this house has been very awkward lately. The Happy Couple are taking the piss lately with the amount of times they invite friends over for drinks. They’re acting as if they own the house. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and now some days through the week, the same old people come round, some of whom are pretty annoying individuals. As my bedroom is above the living room I hear all the noise until the wee small hours…

I genuinely don’t have anything to say to them as a couple any more. In any case, I’ve never got on with the girlfriend, and ever since The Birthday Party the house has had a different vibe. One I don’t enjoy and am looking forward to ending come June. Until then, I have to be grateful for the small mercy of getting out of here and spending a few weeks with my family.

The other good thing is that when I come back we will hopefully be starting to see the first tentative signs that the weather is warming up, and the clocks will go forward – summer approaches. This will mean less central heating, thus cheaper bills. I can’t wait.

Of course, this break will fly by as usual, and my brain will start to pretend that “it’s so far away it’s never going to happen!”. I like those self-delusions. But soon I will be back here churning out mind-numbingly boring blog posts and essays. I can’t wait.

So we’re sort of at half time in this semester. Though there are more weeks in the second half than the first, I think in terms of workload (one dissertation plus one essay plus one tutorial presentation vs one essay plus two exams) that is about the half way point.

Can I say it yet? Yes, I can. Four months to go.

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