It’s been a rough few days. In fact, it’s been a rough week. I started writing my dissertation last Friday, and because I like to do things quickly when I feel the momentum, I’ve pretty much wrote the whole damn thing. Finished on Wednesday, spent Thursday pissing around with formatting errors caused by the useless Microsoft Word and compiling the bibliography, which took ages.

And though I’ve finished writing it, the percentage counter is stuck at 62%. The reason being I’m still nowhere near finished. This is, a work of art. It is my magnum opus. It could also make a big difference to my final grade if it is good enough. This is because my dissertation is worth 40 credits instead of the usual 20. I’m writing twice the amount compared to others, and in return I get to skip one extra exam, one extra essay, endless revision, one tutorial presentation, and two extra hours of teaching a week.

Well worth it. Well, it is if I get a good mark. And the answer to that will not be known until June. So the mystery will remain.

But the rest of the stuff that takes me up to 100% is all in the redrafting. I’m also waiting for one more interviewer to get back to me, which will provide me with a little extra stuff to pack in as I’ve got about 200 words spare. Might as well get as much as I can in there. Once that’s incorporated, it will take me to 65%.

The first redraft, involving restructuring, finding more sources to back up claims, and general rewriting of awkward phrasing will actually take me some time, and when finished will probably take me up to about 80%. I don’t think I’ll do this for another week or so. If I leave it for a while I’ll be able to look at it with fresh eyes and a bit of critical distance.

The second redraft is a largely proofreading exercise. But proofreading 12,000 words will take a bloody long time. That will take me to 90%.

Then the final 10% is all about the lengthy process of printing out about 100 pages – £5 in printer credit, and then sending it off for binding – another £26 down the drain.

There’s still a little way to go then, but I’ve pretty much broken the back of the work, and for that I’m absolutely delighted. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Inbetween all this I managed my blood donation on Monday, meaning I’ve now been 7 times. I have my eyes on the big prizes in store. Woohoo.

The weird thing is, though, that now I’ve done so much work I’ve not got much idea what to do next. I could, theoretically, start work on one of my remaining two essays this semester, but since they’re not due in till 6th of May, plus I deserve a bit of a rest, I think I’ll just play some Zelda on my Nintendo DS. What an awesome game…

And maybe, just maybe, with the sun shining this weekend, I might go for a little walk. That would be nice.

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