Woeful Wednesday

Election nights are always good fun for me, and I’ve probably referred to several while I’ve been posting to here. Last night was yet another one, Super Tuesday in the States. But such excitement is always followed up by a complete write off of a day, mainly because of the fact that to watch results come in you have to stay up all night.

And I did. Ish. US elections allow a bit of leeway. I managed to go to bed about 9pm, and though it was a disturbed sleep I got up at 1am to start the watching process. UK elections don’t allow that freedom, cos it all kicks off from 10pm normally. By 1am the good stuff was starting to roll in. So I got up just in time.

The hours flew by. The coverage on the internet of elections is first class. I had Newsweek’s online webcast going, a bit of the shit BBC coverage on the TV, watching the results on the CNN website and reading the comments on the excellent politicalbetting.com. All the while talking on MSN to a friend who was also staying up late for it.

I guess you have to be a real political junkie to like this stuff. It got me through to 6am, when I decided to have a couple of hours sleep to get me through the rest of the day. And it seems to have worked, once again. I never used to bother with short sharp doses of sleep, preferring instead to battle out the whole day. But it was always a struggle. With some sleep I can function for the whole of the day and can get back into normal sleep patterns the very next day.

Though, as I said at the top of this post, it does make the day afterwards rather sluggish. Luckily I have no lectures today, and I have actually done some work on my dissertation since the last post, so I don’t feel too guilty about it. In fact, the work I’ve done on the dissertation has convinced me that the write up, which I might possibly begin this weekend or early next week, will not be as bad as I feared. 12,000 words sounds a lot, but when you have as much data as I do, it should be notched up without too much difficulty.

I hope.

But for now I won’t worry about it. The results of last night made me fairly happy. The sun is streaming through my window, and the world is looking good for a change. Long may it continue.

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