The winter is finally drawing to a close, which is making me feel good. In the past few days it’s been pretty chilly (no snow, though, which is disappointing) and it has suddenly caused the skin on my right hand to go all cracked and bleeding. Which is not nice at all. I had this last year too. It always happens when we get a few days of really cold temperatures.

Thursday was the worst, however. I walked to my lecture, about a mile away, in the bucketing down rain, which was then combined with painful hail stones for good measure. Add in a gale force wind, making me utterly freezing, and I really wasn’t a pretty sight by the time I got to the university. My first witty quip when arriving, looking like I’d just fallen into a lake, was “This better be worth it!”. Unsurprisingly enough, attendance was very poor at the lecture given the conditions, but the comment from the lecturer, “I could feel the cold, hard wind of global capitalism washing over me as I walked over here” was enough to restore a smile on my face. The lecture was about socialism. I guess you had to be there.

Despite the chill I’ve been out and about a fair old bit. On Wednesday afternoon I did a ten mile round trip from here to Willerby and back again. All because I was so bored of sitting here doing nothing. When I should really be getting to grips with the dissertation…

The date is now looming in my mind. 7th April. The only positive is that I have two other essays due in this semester, but they are both due four weeks after the dissertation hand in. So I can quite legitimately spend all my time on the dissertation from now until the submission date. This is good, though it means I can’t make excuses. I think I will do some work on it today. I don’t anticipate today being a very interesting day as a result.

I feel a bit uninspired at the moment. Life in Hull has gotten too routine. I tried to shake it up a bit by bringing my guitar down to a late night drinking session on Friday night… it worked to some extent, I played and sang some songs for the group (I wasn’t drinking as usual) and it went down really well. I enjoyed that. Not done that for a long time. But drunks are an easy audience to please.

But other than that we just press forward relentlessly. Though I can say something new.

Five months to go.

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